Tired for an hour or so – maybe longer to post an image of Olympia as a puppy…  she was adorably orange …   but so far no luck. It’s gonna be harder than it seems. I’ll need to dig out Photoshop to create images by pixel size or better, my favorite image editor, IrfanView.

The Solstice Parade was the best I’d seen.

The van is in Oxnard at Bills RV Service  Am hopeful that this will be the shinning moment and all the little things I almost forgot (like servicing the generator, replacing the water filter, replacing the outer trim that fits on the seam between van and RV extension, replacing the burnt out floor lights, repairing the privacy door so it doesn’t fall off every time its extended, removing the defunct cell-phone antenna, etc.) and bigger things like an awning and of course the sewer hose  will be repaired to perfection. Well, one can dream. I didn’t hear from them today – a call would have been nice. Spent $90 on gas, but it wasn’t too bad as gas has dropped to $3.85 a gallon. Of course when I got home I had to fill the tank on the Ford, that was another $40. I remember when $130 was a lot of money!