Picked up the LT from Bill’s! Wow I have something like 30 feet of sewer hose (2 hoses) now! …And nice fittings so I can dump and stay clean and leak-less. It was $190 for the repair; hose(s), valves, adapter and labor. The water filter has been replaced and the generator serviced including oil change and rewiring and the old cell phone antenna removed. So far the bill is $570. I can bring it back on Wed morning for the trim…it’s been ordered. The privacy door could not be repaired but can be replaced, the same with the floor lights. I saw the awning suggested being installed on a newly painted LeSharo, a box awning by Dometic, but I decided I didn’t like it. The Winnebago LeSharo btw was the precursor to the Rialta. It was pointed out to me that the LeSharo, although a classic, lacks power – that’s the trade for the 21 mpg. The folks at Bill’s were very friendly and helpful – anything I want done, like adding a small visor to the back door to keep the rain out – no problem – they will fabricate it for me. Need to have it detailed and waxed, they recommended someone. I was offered a quick lesson on how to dump my tanks. . . black first, then gray. The gray water flushes the black water and if desired one can attach a hose for a final rinse. I even received some helpful suggestions for RV camping in Bellingham (although I’m hoping to stay with my friend Kate) and another vote for taking the ferry as part of my route.

As I was driving home I noticed an annoying whining when I accelerated. I also noticed that the van was not handling as well as I expected. I knew my housemate would lecture me on my hearing being too sensitive and how I was imaging troubles that did not exist but when I talked to Jolyon he called his mechanic who is also his friend. Hass said the new serpentine belt I had installed is most likely too loose. I looked it up and the Internet, and yep – I think he’s right! So… Tuesday it’s back to my mechanic and Wed back to Bill’s…. will I ever get out of town?