The fellow with the Coach House called. His 1998 RV at 60,000 miles has needed a new engine and that engine is having troubles. Cost $7,000 for the engine; so I shouldn’t complain about all my repairs. He does have an awning, what brand is unknown and interestingly, he has no handling issues. I noticed his tires were a good bit wider than mine. His 245, mine 225. Since I didn’t drive his and the design of the Coach House is a bit different I can’t say if the extra width is a good thing or not.

I happen to have a RV Buyers guide from 1997 this is what I found built on the Dodge  Camping Van Conversion ranging in price from $32,000 to $53,000: American Cruiser, Bonanza Coach, Coach House, Coachman Saratoga, Jayco Camper 5, Leisure Travel, Pleasure Way Excel-TW, Roadtrek Popular 170, Roadtrek Versatile 190, Sportsmobile EagleSTAR 101, Sportsmobile RB-50, WeisCraft Crafty Camper, Xplorer 236.  Wow, I didn’t realize I had so much company!

Packing sill to come. . .