Below is my packing list, but first I want to comment on washing and waxing an older RV. The LT badly needed a cleaning; the City of Santa Barbara is fond of Jacaranda trees. In the summer we get purple rain. Yes, the trees bring glory and stately beauty to the town but if you have them lining your roadway you quickly come to know them as little devils bombarding yards, sidewalks, gutters and, of course, the cars with thick carpets of leaves, pods and tree litter. The purple rain is highly sticky leaving indelible little black dots on paint. The LT suffered; it does not fit in the car wash ( Jacaranda’s are great for the car wash business.)  My little RV was very dirty, so I decided to wash it. It helped a little; tried gentle soap, more aggressive dish soap, then scouring power—not much luck. Little black dots everywhere. I scrubbed and scraped with all the tools I could muster, then my fingernails … little bits would come loose. I headed for the auto supply store for more and stood there aghast. Every part and piece of the car (or RV) has a different collection of bottles and potions, arrays of clothes, sponges, applicators, cleaners, polishers, waxes…I’m sure you’ve seen it, or maybe not, maybe you use the car wash like I do for the Ford. I bought the recommended products. To make a long story shorter, I tired a bucket full of stuff collected over several days. Today (two days ago now) I slaved away with rags, buffers, stepladder, and the bottles.

I noticed something, standing, kneeling and perching on the stepladder with the empty bus whizzing by every 20 minuets, not one neighbor offered a hand, not one offered a power buffer, not one came by to say, oh, this is what you’re doing wrong, not even one came by to say hi. The ones that talked to me were dog walkers. They were friendly, oh, it looks great, Jamie. Wow Jamie, are you STILL working on your van? Hey, Jamie I want one of those RVs!  The dog walkers know me, Olympia and Mason by name. It was good to see so many pooches getting out.

The LT is shinny now but far from perfect. Who knows what the top looks like—I couldn’t reach even with the ladder. In the evening when I went out to walk Olympia and Mason the LT sparkled along with all my neighbors cars—that was nice, although, I did ask myself why it mattered.

My advice is don’t bother waxing your own RV. Pay whatever amount is needed and have it done right. The dog walkers sometimes commented on it being too much work, like work is a bad thing. I don’t agree, work is good, it’s actually fun and it beats the gym for exercise, but when it’s not rewarding then it becomes un-fun. My LT has been neglected. It came that way—the previous owners did not wax it. When you add wax to baked-in un-waxed paint there will be problems: streaking, hazing, muddling, stains that won’t come out, little black purple rain dots that won’t come out, decals that loose paint and smear, scratches, paint chips, rust spots. . . The real solution may be a paint job with new decals.

Here’s what I’ve packed…. Of course little things change.

From The Rear, Under The Couch/Bed:  Under The Couch/Bed Front:
The fill-in bed board, table combo that came with the RV Endless Breeze 12 V Fan
Soft-sided dog crate Dog life jackets, my life jacket and shorty wetsuit
Wire 8-panel exercise pen Two kennel covers
Wire dog crate with crate pad Beach supplies
In The Back On The Sides:   Extra throw Rugs
Umbrella stand, Dog pillows
One roll-up chair (the second chair is underneath in the cargo hold.)
Large white tarp
Large blue tarp
Cargo Hold: Cargo Hold Outside Locker:
The other chair Sewer hoses and fittings
Lots of tools Gloves
Jumper cables Garbage Bags
Camping supplies
Rain gear
Back Cupboards:
Extra caballing for TV and Amateur radio Linens
12V pump Blankets
Inflatable raft Pillows
Books Tray table, table covers
Laptop computer Heavy rain jacket
Shoes – including all weather hikers and sandals
Rear Open Top Shelves: On Top of each of the Rear Side Seats:
Extra glasses Small soft-sided kennel (Olympia’s)
Remote controls Comfy dog pad (Mason’s)
Roll-up beach mat
More dog toys
Reading light
Under Rear Side Seats: Other Side:
Emergency fresh water Fresh water hose
Black plastic bags Extra cabling for something
LT Manuel that came with the LT (had to fit it in somewhere)
Bathroom: Closet:
Towels, wash clothes Sun tent, secured to the wall
Toiletries (soap, toothbrush, brushes, etc…) Outdoor carpet, secured to the wall
Special RV TP and holder Small demjbe drum (for practice)
Digesters Clothes, some hanging, some folded in case (would like to put a shelf over this.
Laundry soap Undies in case
Laundry bag
Poles for interior tables—strapped to wall
Under The Kitchen Sink: Under The Kitchen Sink:
Bottom Shelf: Top Shelf:
Dog food Dish drainer
Dog dishes Cleaning supplies
 Dog treats Bags
Dog grooming supplies Duck tape
Masking tape
  Lemongrass Mosquito repellent candle
Cupboard Over Sink: Drawer Under Sink:
Food Small tools (screwdriver)
Vitamins Wine opener
Tea maker Bottle opener and stopper
Sandwich bags Scissors
Paper towels Matches
Mosquito cover for food Striker
Roll out pantry:
Silverware & Utensils
All cooking supplies, pots and pans, etc.
Open Upper Shelf – Front Place where old TV was removed
Dog toys Upper section:  hats
Tennis ballsDoggy bags Lower section: electronics (GPS, Satellite Radio)
Extra leashes
Light flashers for dog collars
Extra dog comb and brush
Matches and pot holders, clean-up rags
Front cupboards over dash: Driver side:
Passenger side: Sunglasses
First aid and medical supplies (canine and human) Tour books
Art pad, art pencils, colored pencils, watercolor kit and watercolor book Chewing gum
Lip balm
Note pad
On Drivers Panel: On Engine Block Pocket:
Wireless cell-phone adapter Work gloves, Miscellaneous
Behind driver’s seat: Pocket next to driver door:
Storage for conversion board that fits on passenger seat for dogs More maps
More tour books / road atlas Pocket by cabin door:
Dog hair remover Water bottles
No spill water dish for the dogs.
Wish List:
Inflatable KayakSide awning (sun and rain)

Door screens

Cool pads for dogs