The converter and battery minder are shot. Frans spent the entire day puzzling the bizarre misbehavior and workings of power in the LT and explaining it to me; then came up with a brilliant plan to circumvent the impasse by installing a power supply behind the faulty converter. Being the sort who frets, imagining complete system failure or maybe flames springing form the air conditioner like Medusa . . . I opted for a new high-end converter. The unit in there is from System Monitors in Winnipeg, which makes sense since Leisure Travel is Canadian. The company is defunct, so by consulting my magic genie (the Internet!) I ordered a PD4060 60 Amp Inteli-Power Mighty Mini Power Center from Best Converter along with a 30-20 twin and 2 twin 15 fuses. The model I ordered is their pick for dry camping, more expensive at $207 than others but it has a boost mode to bring the battery quickly up to power and offers desulfation—basically a few hours plugged in will prepare and protect the battery for running when I’m off line as opposed to several days which is what my current (non-operational) unit would be doing. Yes, it occurred to me that I might want to replace the house battery with one of those golf cart types; however since the battery in there is barley over a year old, I’ll wait and see how everything works out.

Bruce said he’d do the install, so now I wait. Package should arrive in few days.

Oh, it turns out I had to order a HTC micro-USB TV Out Cable for the Droid, it’ll be here in a few days too. So we’ll be here for Thursday’s Channel City Kennel Club  Canine Ambassador’s program at the Goleta Boys & Girls Club, lucky Mason will be getting another yucky bath. Usually Olympia goes but she’s just finishing her heat.