I sorta felt like sludge today, the wastage of a perfectly good human brought down by garbage. You get the idea—mind garbage. My mind. It keeps telling me things. . .like. . . ha ha, see the LT sitting with it’s rear empty (I had to remove my cuddly bedding and all the dog stuff under the rear seat in case Bruce has to lift it out to install the controller), the dogs accusing look–they’re bored with all this waiting, my route and scheduled friends hissing and humming, politely, of course, why oh why can’t she get her act together!!! And my self-berating over the summer I took off from dog classes, mediation, training, to do what? Gather dust? And things like that…things are not as they should be. What to do? I took a nap, woke up crinkled and sour. So I downloaded some new (free) apps from the Marketplace on my Droid.

Found some great ones:  1-Tap Clean Cache (too bad they don’t make a human version,) Dog Friendly.com Mobile, iRV2 Forum, My Car Locator (the LT may be a little harder to lose because of its size, we’ll see,) Nearcamping. . . all great for RV info, camping and when needed, a nice friendly doggy hotel.

Maps on my Droid, now pops with campgrounds, reviews of campgrounds, phone numbers for campgrounds, pictures and turn-by-turn driving directions.

Also found c:geo and Locus Free for geocachng. These last two kinda make me feel like I’m cheating. They load the geocashes, the hints, directions and provide lat & long, with radar, compass and map. I grabbed Frans, who for a change was not out dancing, and we tried a few caches near the house. Took us to homeless encampments…whoops. Couldn’t find the caches, only spiders, beer bottles and X-rated DVDs and other assorted weirdness ….  but it revved me from sludge state to something a bit less goopy.