I’m doing a (final?) load of laundry and am washing my hair…


The LT is sitting in its place in front of the house; the hot water is hot, the refrigerator is icy, the gas tank is full, there is food in the cupboards, clothes in the closet, books in the shelves, a wool mattress topper on the bed and a fresh water dish waiting to be sloshed. . . . But, yes I found a new trouble… should it stop me? The flame on the propane is orange; it’s supposed to be blue.


The dogs are restless and I’m lethargic. It will be hot on the road, campgrounds tending towards full and overpriced, gas is expensive, maybe there will be strong winds or thunderstorms—a dust storm. I could get lost, blow out a tire, the dogs overheat. Maybe I won’t find anywhere to spend the night or will be roused from restless dozing by the police (move along) or suspicious characters. Maybe it will so hot that I will be unable to leave the dogs even for a moment, or I won’t be able to wiggle out of a parking spot with no one to guide me. What if the air conditioner fails or I can’t find a place to dump the septic? What if I get stuck, damage something. The dogs with…stickers, skunks, barking, mud; Mason hates rain, Olympia covers herself in mud. Others have returned from their summer trips with fresh gleaming memories. I’m stewing…. do I wait, do I leave, where was it I wanted to go?