The post I wrote seems to be missing LOL… errant computers, so this is off the fly.

The long windy road led down from the highway–I thought it’d probably led me to a dead-end with a few abandoned vehicles, you know, the kind on blocks with their boarded windows broken and flat tires, birds and rodents busy burrowing into the upholstery ( a friend of mine, who lives in the Santa Barbara foothills, has problems with rodents, mice, making their home and sometimes dying in his car and he uses his car all the time.)

What I discovered after descending into the canyon was a place called Ridgewood Ranch, I passed the Christ’s Church of the Golden Rule and to my surprise found a mobile home park–was this the right place?

I was quite weary as I gingerly drove about, there were a few RVs in the lower lot but no one around, I drove back up the hill trying to decide if I should just park below and take my chances—this being my first “experience” actually sleeping in my LT. A friendly fellow was leaning on this porch watching, so I asked him, he seemed used to this. Oh, it’s $30 a night just pick a space down there and you can put the money in the drop box over in the office, ahh….  The managers show up around 9 am, don’t bother with the pool but there’s lots of hot water in the shower.

They must have thought I was nuts circling around and around, it was a small lot, I actually moved 3 times…one had too many stickers, another was next to a noisy power box…. finally I was home for the night. I plugged in for the first time, easy. I left the water and septic for another day and the TV cable didn’t work anyway and yes, the shower was excellent.

If I’d had my wits that day I would have toured the ranch but I was close to the home of the great Seabiscuit.

RV Campground

Good Sam near Ridgewood Ranch: quiet and peaceful