My first stay in Washington didn’t exactly thrill me, I landed at Twin Harbors State Park, it was late afternoon on a Fri night so I was happy to have a spot, but I was next to the highway with no special view other than some weedy looking shrubby trees so I drove around hoping for something scenic, there wasn’t much…. lots of beaches with folks driving onto the sand in their cars. I ordered a fish and chips dinner at the Westport Marina, I noted that dogs were not allowed on the patio so took it to go and ate in the van…the dogs got most of it, as the food was mediocre at best, but expensive $18!!!!  They claimed it’d won a favorite award as being the best in the area, oh my! The bathroom stank and was filthy, same with the campground which had only 2 toilet stalls and one token devouring shower for our section. The shower cheats no matter how many tokens you put in….  However, if you’re a fisherman /woman this is the place to go! My Mom said Gray’s Harbor is where we went deep-sea fishing as a family on a trip to Alaska back in the ’60s; we all caught over our limit and a nice man traded us one of his miniature  poodles, Sammy, for the fish. Sammy is the reason I have Water Dogs today, he’s the first dog I trained, leaving me forever in love with Water Dogs….Portuguese Water Dogs and now Lagotti, someday a Barbet.

The State Capital

After that special welcome to Washington I headed to Olympia, I’d heard it was a nice place to live. I enjoyed the spacious wooded parks and a nice dog park, the architecture and sights of the Capital… These kids tell the problem… POLLUTION. There are signs warning that contact with the water and even the sand is hazardous.

Pollution at the park

From Olympia I intended to head to the little dotted scenic section on my AAA map (the 101 on the East side of Olympic National Park.) Something odd happened, I became tired of trees! I don’t know why this happened but as I approached the cutoff for the 106 to Kitsap I knew I had to take it. It was gorgeous! I sooo wanted to stop and stay, to tarry, to live forever in the mix of freshwater wetlands, tidal salt marsh forests on the Hood Canal. Estuaries, since I first learned of their existence when I was a young student at Pierce College in Los Angeles and then at Sacramento State in their newly created environmental studies department have held my awe and rapture and here, was the finest experience with nowhere to stop….  actually I drove passed what was the only way point–a nature reserve–worried about the time and, where I would find “camping” for the night…  alas….  I was sure there’d be another but there wasn’t. My eyes drank in the rapture.

I continued backwards (i.e. South) to Gig Harbor. I love this place. Off road bike paths, nature parks, organic gardens, vibrant waterfront, theater and arts.  I spotted a house in The Lake of the Woods….  took me four tries up and down the hwy to find the turn… for sale by owner…. I haven’t called…maybe…maybe. What is it like there in Winter? When the tourist go home? It was warm and sunny the day I was there. ……………

The sunlight dancing

Okay, I’m writing this in a hurry ’cause I’m super tired and determined to make it to sleep before midnight….  So that’s it for now…….