I’ll never get caught up, I realize that now…. I mean I’m thinking of going to sleep because I’m tired but there is so much to post. A few days ago I was looking across an empty home parcel at a street in Canada… it was an odd sensation realizing I could simply walk across the lot and be in Canada but I couldn’t drive across it. The border patrol was cruising nearby but I mean, who would give up their car, of course it occurred to me that I could drive across the lot….. my GPS showed no street on the other side, only a thin red line and then nothing. If I walked across, or drove, would I then vanish even though I could clearly see streets and houses????  I was tempted to run across and see what would happen but was too lazy. The tourist info lady told me of a spot where one could stand with one foot in the US and the other in Canada and I’d gone there first, but it cost $10 to park in the nearly empty lot…  too high a price for me. Washington is like CA, you can’t park without paying even for 5 minutes. I might have paid a dollar or two so the dogs could experience what it felt like to be in a different country. Maybe the grass or the trees would smell different? I’m sure they would have told their doggy friends how they had been to Canada….  maybe we’ll go later.

My seafaring dog

My route went more or less from Gig Harbor to Sequim then back to Port Townsend where I spent the night at the marina–great place for walking–I liked it there. Sparkley…next time would enjoy actually going inside the museums and  halls. The next day we jumped on the ferry although I was told I needed a reservation there appeared to be plenty of space. I felt special driving my rig onto place with the others. Cost $22.50. The dogs were allowed to explore with me so we tried out the Titanic thing on the bow… I told Mason not to look down; as long as he didn’t know it was water we were crossing he was happy; Olympia, of course could feel the water in her bones; she was home.

Part of Anacortes from above

Anacortes smokestacks

The other view looking from the harbor at Anacortes - smoke stacks

Stayed in a nondescript RV park in Oak Harbor on Whiddbey Island, nice and quiet…. walked across the street to the State Park. Next day checked out Anacortes. I didn’t reach Fran’s cousin Johnny…I think that’s where he lives. Headed from there to Bellingham where I thought my friend lived…. it was a bit late so I decided to try her the next day and being tired I kept driving. Okay, so that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I was already badly missing the ocean. Before I knew it, I’d rejected several other stopping areas for the night, I was in one of the last spaces at  The Beachside RV Parkin Birch Bay near Blaine where the border is. The icy cold sea air agrees with me. The dogs and I walked for 2 hours relishing the long summer days.

Birch Bay in the morning

You see, why I’ll never get caught up, I keep moving. I could have spent a few days in Gig Harbor or Port Townsend or at Birch Bay… i could have spread out and unpacked a little, laid on the beach, opened my watercolors and dipped in my paint brush, could have read a book listening to the seabirds or chatted with my neighbors, but no, I had to keep moving on. I’m only staying a day, I kept telling the RV hostess when they check me in, a late arrival and an early exiter. Why? I’m not sure. I feel driven, as if there’s a goal, no, not a goal, as if there’s someplace I need to be.

Birch Bay... lovely... not many people when I was there

Washington weeds! Delicious 🙂

I don’t relax well, or at all. I just keep moving.

Kate and George in front of their home in Bellevue WA

I realized my mistake about where my childhood friend lived as I rushed back to Bellingham to find her address was NOT FOUND by my GPS….  Oops…  I had the wrong city. This meant I had to make a choice about visiting the president of the Lagotto Club who lived in Ferndale, very near my location at the time. I tried to reach her over several days but had been unsuccessful. I knew I had to try harder…I thought she was at home….  but then again how likely was that given all the dog activities available in the summer? I hope she will forgive me for not trying harder to reach her. I’m sure we will meet  some day. It was a long drive on I-5 back to Bellevue where my friend lived….and I was tired. It probably takes longer than 3 weeks to adapt to a different lifestyle. My days are very full, I’m doing something from the moment I wake up, usually around 7 am until midnight or later…soon I will have to catch up on my sleep!  It was wonderful to see Kate. Yes, Cathy I will post more about our visit…  but for now it was just great to see her and meet George, Patrick, Mocha, the cat and the new all-electric Nissan Leaf. She found me on the Internet after we lost touch some 30 years ago.  Also connected with a relative that I’d only recently learned about in Seattle…had a wonderful visit with him and his wife.

My (new) Cousin Paul on my paternal side

Nothing profound in this post….  just where I’ve been….  more insights and thoughts about traveling, connections, dogs, etc later…later after I get some sleep!!!!!….  It’s 11:52 PM!!!