An hour or so ago the dogs were romping, chasing each other in happiness on the shoreline of the Columbia River… but wait…. first I need to catch up.

Dog Heaven

Therese and her husband Dan welcomed me, weary and disheveled to their home in Ferndale Washington. Was heaven for visiting humans and canines alike. They love guests. It was the first time we’d met although Therese’s voice is familiar from our Skype meetings-—she is the president of the Lagotto Club of America. We meet monthly via the Internet although I cannot always make those meetings, and sometimes feel I am too quiet when I do, we have a great club. I could see Therese truly loves dogs! These are very special people. A busy productive houseful filled with contented woofers… 2 grown Lagotti, one puppy Lagotto, a lab, a cute little Schipperke and a cat! (whoa did I miss any?) They romp in the grassy yard, bounce on the outside deck and lounge complacently, cuddled or alone on the couches and chairs. . . But Guido is special! Guido talks; he owns chairs and couches, he scuffles and masterfully flips himself in every direction at once while telling everyone his fanciful stories. He’’s a truly adorable wild-eye Lagotto boy, not to say that the rest of the crew are any less endearing. Check out Therese’s website.


Their hospitality was superb, I feel lucky and fortunate to have been their guest. A warm comfy king sized bed and bath, delicious meals, wine and tea, help with my ailing RV, laundry, a ride with top down in the Thunderbird… …just perfect.. Someday, when I find my own place I hope they will come stay with me and all the dogs too! Little Miss Olympia was not such a good house guest, oh no, she wanted to be the only dog that I would pet. Her voracious disapproval (i.e. jealousy) was way too much…. we’ll be working on her manners till she gets it right.

Dig that tail! Guido the Lagotto

Warning sign at the park in Bellingham near the Ferry Building

I stayed for two nights, my wanderlust overcoming me I headed for the delectable Larrabee State Park on Highway 11, but first I went to Al’s RV to pick up 2 new door latches and then to an astounding hardware complex—many shops all in one (I’m easily impressed but this place was huge.. if I’d had the time I could have lingered all day. The LT would have been chock full of my discoveries.) The clerk was gracious, walking the block or so to see my trouble– the bathroom door and closet were suffering. The closet was popping out of it’s screws allowing the hinge to displace and therefore the entire set of doors were continually swinging open as I drove. This rightfully scared the dogs, the closet door could easy fly off; with the privacy slider attached it’s particularly heavy, nevermind I cant’s see behind me when they pop. Dan had driven me all around Ferndale looking for a latch; alas Sunday is not a good day for that! The clerk at the hardware shop suggested fatter screws. Cost, $1.08! I replaced the falling out screws with the fatter ones—easy. Not so easy to install the new hinges. They looked the same but were longer and would not fit without drilling new holes. Back to Al’s, sure they could do it for me but with a min ½ hour, $48 labor charge. No thanks. A drill is now on my “to buy” list, meanwhile a bungee cord tied around the two door handles is keeping them from opening. This idea came from my hostess’s handyman; he cut me a piece of wood to put in the handles, but it kept sliding out, the bungee cord works better.

I did some sightseeing in Bellingham–yes the shops including TJ’s (Trader Joe’s) then the Alaska Ferry Building—it was deserted but fun to look around. This must have been the place where we caught the ferry back in the late ‘60s. Didn’t look familiar. Yes, I did think about going to Alaska!!! I spent the night at what has become my favorite beach on this trip, Larrabee State Park. The photos here don’t invoke the endorphin rush of pleasure this place brings. Ah my sweet Paradise! Except for one thing, alas, of course…pollution! Such a shame. I remember the case study of the Puget Sound area we did in my Master’s of Public Administration program, how corruption continues to denude the political agenda. Pollution is such a waste.

Walking to the beach at Larrabee

My best shots are on my cell phone and inside my head, so you may need to trek to the coast of Washington to see this park for yourself!