Tomorrow I should be home. It will be a long day driving from here, Windsor CA but I can’t see delaying. The heat is crushing away from the coast and the CA coast is crowded and mucho expensive. If I were wealthy I’d move to the Russian River, Mendocino area, at least I think I would. I’ve always liked it. Had wanted to hit the west side of Clearlake – Bluelakes, Kelsyville, and up the Cobb Mountain—but the heat!!!!  Note to self–buy insulated heat damping material to put under rugs on the floor of the van. Ever feel melting linoleum? Mason tried to lay on that to get cool, hummm, doesn’t work; then mommy comes at him with that nasty spray bottle of water. The dogs believe in me, no matter what I put them through.

My last entirely good day was when I drove through the Tillamook Forest. …..Lets see where did I leave off? After Mt Hood and a sorta so-so night I decided I wanted to visit the spot along the Oregon coast that I’d missed. I took a quick trip through Portland first. I found the natural peace store (food store) where I used to make falafel burgers–big fat juicy ones, not the dry ones you sometimes get and the food coop. Alan and I belonged to both those when we lived in Portland. That fact didn’t get me membership prices however…  I think I passed the house I used to live in or at least one like it. I could see moving to Portland except for how big it is. I’d like to spend more time there as a visitor (as opposed to a resident.) It’s unfinished business but maybe I’m done, maybe this trip closed the circle of that part of my past which I’d longed for.

Can you see the rain drops?

Jumped on Hwy 6 without any inkling that I would fall in love. Tillamook Forest is the dream. 355,000 acres of woods burned (adding itself to the list of major forest fires) in a series of wipe-out blazes from 1939 to 1945; the movie said the forest burned every 6 years until they’d come up with idea to install fire roads and fire breaks. Accumulated burns had left the land barren. I fell in love before I heard the story: from inmates and foresters to children and housewives the forest was replanted one tree at a time. And 2 or 3 out of  every 5 plantings went into the smiling mouths of deer and elk. I met two senior women in the Interpretative Center with bits of joy sizzling like a pool of water around them. They showed me, “see, that girl in the picture, she’s my sister,” she was planing a 2-year seedling along with others, and she was smiling. “Wow, I have to tell my sister her picture is here.” She told me stories of the planting and every so often would become excited again… seeing another and another of the kids she used to know there on the museum walls.

ΦΦΦ/As I drove and walked through the forest that day I was swept into an ethereal mist. Such a young forest blossoming; how many trees had been touched by human hand and given to the earth? My heart began to scramble and flock, soaring with the vapor tongue of beginning rain. Here I could frolic, playing hide ‘n seek with the faeries, throwing my hair down, tossing off my shoes and laughing, laughing. Oh, I could have stayed until forever but of course I didn’t. The rain came harder and I moved along.

The dogs fought when I came down the coast to Lincoln City. Maybe it was my sadness at leaving bliss and finding traffic, and finding Lincoln City had changed, now full of chain stores, boulevards  jammed with tourist and tormenting traffic directions.  The State Park I’d been aiming for had turned into a gigantic gravel patched lot back to back with RVs. I couldn’t stay there, no matter I didn’t have reservations. I was lucky to find a spot at Devils Lake State Park–they had Yurts and things. I landed in the tent section with an easy walk to the lake, two women across from me in a tent and Honda.  The rain was soft now, faint, it would grow stronger in the early hours.

Yup, you guessed  it, I’m tired. Am in a strange place tonight, right next to hwy 101. Even rest stops have more separation from the traffic. This RV Park is in semi-demolished state. A lot of things don’t work or have vanished like the picnic tables and the grass and the hot water, but it’s still full price…..    Seems so wrong, I have the air conditioner pumping and it’s 10pm, and it was dark long before 9pm.

My apologies for the shortage of photos…  there are some on my Droid which I’ll post later..  the rain made me forget to take pictures.

Shot this from a park while the dogs were playing