I don’t feel right here, in my bedroom, doesn’t seem like I have ever been here before; I keep having panic attacks, move the curtains aside and find sunlight pouring in, a little starlight but there is no light here except the evil eye of the street lamp. The dogs seem to recognize where we are, for me everything’s wrong. My head is moving, my hands gripping the wheel but the world remains still.

A few days ago I pulled in to a vacant 65-footer space, $45 with discounts RV Park  in Fortuna below Eureka. The long dusk was fading. The cool air delicious. Mom had called and helped me decide to head North on 101 where there was lodging. The dogs were eager to be on sniffing running ground. Could have saved $$ if I’d discovered the Casino. Picked up a new water regulator at the shop in the morning. Over conversation I learned that in CA, state park runs $36 for no hook-ups and $50 was common for RV Parks. Wow.

Gorgeous in the Redwoods. The dogs and I did a few jaunts; we saw a deer so perfectly posed I wondered if it were a statue, then it moved. Olympia flew straight into the air! I tarried considering camping in the Redwoods; in the end I moved on.

Passed the RV Park in Willits that had been my first stop. Thought of staying there but couldn’t risk spoiling the piquancy of that night. The heat had whomped through the fog. By the time I reached Ukiah it was roasting. So much for a side trip to Clear Lake, wanted to but for the heat. The sign for a KOA in Cloverdale seemed right, took a chance. The road wound through grapevines and watery pools, lovely on small county lanes. Just when I decided it was a joke and there was no KOA I found it. When she said it was $45 I swallowed hard, well, okay then. I was determined to stay and enjoy myself. The dogs and I walked through the camp looking at the spaces, trying to understand the one she’s assigned us. Mason stepped on stickers; Olympia had branches stuck in her feet, dust was coating us from the underside, bees began to gather and it was hot! Was so hot I barely made it back to the LT and the air-conditioner. Told the proprietor I’d need 30 amps; oh, she said, then that space won’t work for you. It’ll be another $10. Oh My! I couldn’t do $55 for a camp that was burning air and dust—we’d never make it to the cute lake and the dogs couldn’t use the pool. What a shame, she told me the heat was an issue for them as well—the place was mostly deserted. Wound up at a semi-demolished RV park for $27 in Wilson, CA. Was on top of the 101, could reach over and feel the wiz of the traffic. No hot water, bathroom was moldy anyway. The pool empty, weeds everywhere, picnic tables gone. I stayed there anyway…apparently the property is to be converted to condos. Great, right on top of the fwy. Some climax to my first foray into RV camps…whoa. Nice public parks, cool lush grass, the dogs loved that. Except for the RV Park, the town looks new.

No swimming here

We had delicious fish and chips for about $8.00 in Pismo Beach! So much better than what we’d had in Washington for $18.00. And then here in the socked in fog. Haven’t seen much sun. The house is dark inside, like a cave. Little lights surrounding the painted red cement patio.