Am revving up for a cross country trip …  think I can do it?

Heat turned out to be an issue last year. I bypassed museums because it was too hot to leave the dogs and free camping in favor of of paid sites with electricity to run the AC. Will try to do better this year. I ordered some Thermozite Heat Shield Carpet Padding for the floor, which I will install under the rugs  . . . it was hot enough to cook breakfast . . .  a water filled cool bed (Cool-Bed) for the dogs and am crafting my own thermo-reflective window coverings. Hummm…..  wonder if I can freeze a bottle of water in my little freezer and then set it in front of the fan? Am looking for shoes for the dogs, especially Mason and a shade awning  is still on my wish list. . . am wondering if I can toss something over the roof and/or install a thermo-reflective pad for the top of the van?