Am so busy and my dogs are sleeping! Installed the thermoreflextive carpet padding in the LT, eager to discover how well it works. I decided against a swamp cooler… time to learn to use the rear AC, it’s what’s it’s for. The rear view camera will arrive in a few days. Still debating potential routes, a friend reminded me how I prefer quiet, pristine camping spots. I’ll be leaving when school gets out. . . the same time as everyone else so I need to think. . .what can I do to reduce impact from light, smoke, kids screaming and adults drinking and hooting. They’re entitled to have as much fun as they like, yet sharing their revere is not part of my goal.

The bulk of my time is printmaking. Am taking several classes, one is an official college course on steroids. The college has cut back lab hours and class hours but kept the work load. Wish for more time to explore the materials and techniques. I dislike being pushed to produce fast on the first try and calling that art. Love printmaking though!!! Acid etching, block printing, monotype, silk screen, woodcuts, collagraph, and more!  Then the dogs, and getting my dog training business off the ground, attending K9 Nose Work instructor training, therapy work with the dogs, agility & obedience, editing my memoir, working on a place to live–a home with room for the dog training and art, my mediation, which I want to take into animal mediation. . .you get the idea. Reinventing Daily Life ♥