Grasses and trees are very high


Am suffering severe bouts of burning eyes, itching, sneezing, running noise, postnasal drip, face and head pain, shortness of breath, dizziness here in Oakhurst, CA. . . you get the idea. Better at certain times of day and location, much worse at others. Was terrible late last night, woke me from my sleep and terrible most of the morning today. Potential thunderstorms on the way.


Very high winds on the way up, blew out some electronics so can only plug in either the GPS or the Back Up monitor or the phone (I’ve been switching them as their battery power dies) brakes are squealing, so-so handling (maybe mechanic changed the tire pressure?)


Am considering aborting trip for now. Dogs however are having a blast!!! And my friend did a great job fixing up her Dad’s house for guests, had a good day looking at too expensive property with her and then a quick visit with Forrest to see his land and all the great work he’s done; nevertheless am sortof lonely: friends have departed to families on the coast for the Holiday and am oddly tired; not resting that well.  Lots of deer, squirrels, spiders, crickets and big black bugs. Foxtails are almost but not quite to the highly dangerous level. Oh yeah…  and crazy holiday starts today! It is quiet here, maybe find a nice lake for a picnic lunch???? Somewhere the tourist don’t know about, and somewhere the pollen doesn’t know about!