Went to local mechanic, he said brakes definitely needed to be bled and emergency brake adjusted. Brakes are “spongy.” Ians, said no they don’t need to be bled; but they adjusted them. Said it’s common for the brakes to need adjusting, even several times but hopefully this would do the trick. So what’s going on!  LT has definitely added a new noise to its reputar, a nice growly noise when I press the accelerator… is this anything ? Mechanic this morning didn’t comment on the whining noise. Not sure his intake guy told him about it.

At this point regret taking it to the tire shop, would have been better to take it all the way to Ventura to the great shop that put on the wheel spacers – who knows if they do brakes though. Mechanic said rear tires (which used to be the front tires until yesterday) showed signs of cupping which could mean prob with the shocks, Ians said that the cupping was normal for the type of tire I had mounted and there was no worry about the shocks.  It’s enough to drive a woman insane. Nothing but worry and crazy-making.  Brakes actually do still squeak and I’m not sure about the spongy thing.  I dislike the new noise and the smell of brake fluid. Lowering the tire pressure a bit has done nothing to improve the ride. The streets around here and in CA in general are terrible! The freeways too are brutal, makes the ride hard on Mason. Wonder if I can drive with noise cancelling earphones?

This is not going how I’d wanted. Nice and simple, calm. Good brakes, safe, secure, no unnecessary whining or grumbling noises. . . I can do that on my own!