For my few readers out there maybe you can answer this question. Chance of making it to the Premiere Top 10 in Kalamazoo, MI and showing my gorgeous Lagotto are fading. My nerves are frayed, I’d be screaming if I had the energy to do so. IF I can ever get on the road wonder how many hours a day I can drive in the LT with all its difficult handling problems and still stay awake? 8? 10, maybe? More? Comfort level is about 4 hrs.

Will take some photos of Olympia in any case. In my opinion she should win top Lagotto of the year! Dogs are not happy when I’m not happy, Olympia is constantly under my feet moaning, poor girl.

P.S. More reasons to hate Ians Tires. IF what Superior Brake and Tire is telling me is true, not only the tires are inappropriate for my vehicle but also the shocks, both of which were the choice of Ians. Seems I need wider, heavier duty tires, which makes sense to me. I saw a Leisure Travel just like mine with wider tires and the owner said there was no stability or handling problem!

The LT is very heavy in the rear!

Superior finally looked at my vehicle at the end of the day so it will have to stay there until tomorrow. After deliberation I decided to let them take off the front steering stabilizer and increase the caster angle. If it doesn’t help they will put the stabilizer back on. It needs alignment now that Ians rotated the tires, so I’ll have do that. If they had bigger better tires I’d have them put on, but tires like that usually have to be ordered. What made me say yes, was when he mentioned that I must get very tired driving the LT. This is SOOOO true. It’s a hard vehicle to drive; much better than when I bought it, but still difficult. If it was a sweetheart to drive I’d never think of trading the LT for another (well who knows.)  In my imagination the LT runs quiet and steady. Ahhhh.

No comment on the brakes or the whining noise. I have doubts that removing the front steering stabilizer will help…. will see.