Yes, I’m still flirting with mechanics and shops. Took it back to Superior because the brake pedal was squeaking. It was a noticeable and definitive attention seeking sound. Of course this morning the brake pedal was back to being quiet. Bob at Superior was happy to fix it with a bit of lubricant just in case. He was unable to adjust the parking brake because the racks were full – he tried but could not reach the adjustment with only a jack. The hand brake as is seems to do nothing.

What I’ve found odd is that after the steering stabilizer was re-installed on the front end and the front tire pressure dropped to 55 (as it says on the door) from the 65 psi the brake pulling became unnoticeable. I won’t go as far as to say that the brakes no longer pull.. Who knows what they’re doing. But if it’s the rear brakes why would this help? I decided not to ask…. Really I’m not inclined towards mechanics.

Test drove it some more—- it’s a little better but seems to wander to the left and to be sorta jumpy, at least I’m always correcting it and those corrections are jiggly. Filled the propane tank at the 76 Station and asked the clerk who he thought was the best shop for an alignment. He told me about his car and how he thought it couldn’t be improved until he tried Big Brand. I remember going to Big Brand last year, they were the last shop before my trip and they did help. So tomorrow at 9 am…. that’s where I’ll be.

To do list: adjust emergency brake, check alignment, check tires, check front end steering stabilizer…. idle is still a bit rough too.