Mason was terribly sick yesterday….he’s still recovering so I’ve spent the day making him comfortable with breaks to redistribute the load in the LT. I’ve dropped the fresh water tank to ½ full. I’m leaving some so I can use the facilities on the road and to have a bit in case I decide to dry camp. I removed everything from the rear of the coach and deliberated its usefulness as opposed to its weight. Each item not so heavy on its own but everything adds up. For example I kept the 2 jugs for portable water but drained the water. If  I need to use them around a campfire or on a picnic table I can fill them. Stowed a box of miscellany in the already crowded house. The only item I’m truly wondering about is the metal collapsible dog crate. I never use it except at shows but it’s handy to have for that one time when I might want it; for now it’s in the living room. Other things I moved around, lighter items in the back, heavier in the front.

I readjusted the tire pressure – it wasn’t the same on both sides….  maybe the last shop was playing games.

Would like to find a truck scale and weigh the LT and see what’s on the front axle  and tires and what’s on the rear. Some RVs are at their max carrying capacity with only one passenger and no water in the tanks.  20 gals of water weighs 162 pounds. (Just for the record propane weigh 4.11 pounds per gal…I did fill the tank; gasoline weighs about 6 pounds per gal.

Going through The LT manual I notice it came equipped with Safety-T-Plus Steering Control. Maybe it’s worth getting another one; the replacement steering dampener may be suited to the Dodge van but not the Dodge  motorhome.

The LT has a Ride-Rite Air Convenience system to complement Ride-Rite helper springs with an air compressor. Interestingly the manual says to never exceed 100 psi, I’d been running it about 60… so I’ll try it higher. Superior told me to keep it at least 90. I also wonder if any of the suspension shops have inspected these to see if they need cleaning / adjusting, or any other maintenance. Looks like some have separate adjustments for each side, I’ve never seen that on my unit.

I’ve had  suggestions that interest me such as Timbren Rubber Springs and the Roadmaster Active Suspension? Anyone have a comment? Read on a Ford Van site that rear bushings could be causing wander….  if the rear does not track well then one can get an oversteer. Another useful input was that a vacuum leak could be causing the slightly rough idle which has popped up recently.

There are two shops I want to check, one is C and S RV and Truck in Oxnard   …they handle the Safe-T-Plus another is a mechanic  in Camarillo that was recommended ….  just wish they weren’t so far from town.

Okay, I realize I’m boring some of my few readers with this ongoing discussion of technical issues so tomorrow I’ll try being a tourist in my own town and snap a few photos of Santa Barbara, CA. Hopefully, soon I’ll be able to start for Wyoming, Idaho and Eastern WA.