Never got to the test drive. Took the dogs for a run at City College then pulled out to do some testing of the steering. I was looking for a nice flat spot to determine which way the drift is taking the LT. Was thinking at this point to alter the tire pressure to eliminate the drift and/or have more tires (like the spare rotated and or in the extreme consider new tires.)  First I needed to check — maybe I’d be lucky and the drift would be gone or too minimal to worry about. I thought I’d try the upper parking lot which seemed flat. That parking lot has an archway, and as luck would have it there was a tree with heavy branch protruding below the archway. I can’t say for sure what I hit but it tore the dome lid of the Fantastic Fan and ripped away the HAM radio antenna, left some nasty scratches and bent the end of the luggage rack. The dogs panicked, climbing onto the dashboard and almost knocking me out of my seat, they scratched my already scratched glasses leaving a dead spot in the center of my field of vision and tore the electronics from their mounts.

Their terror did not abate just because the noise stopped. They didn’t believe me that they were okay. I attempted to drive home with dogs now on the floor looking green.  Olympia hunched over with her face to the wall and Mason trying to scramble to my lap. My head hurt and my vision was odd. I felt very discouraged. Mason couldn’t settle, deciding if he couldn’t ride in my lap he’d squeeze himself under my feet. We were moving  quickly down the road when he did this;  grasping him with one hand, the other on the steering wheel he let out a murderous squeal panting heavily as I pulled him out and pushed him back to his seat making Olympia cower even more. Couldn’t they see that the noise now was from the torn vent cover? That they were safe had no meaning to them, my encouragements to be valiant was falling on unbelieving warriors.  What goes through a dogs mind when there is a commotion from above?

A much newer model than mine. Hope they still have a lid that will work.

I’m beginning to think this van is cursed. I can see a For Sale sign plastered in its windshield but maybe what it really needs is an exorcism.

No more testing for today. Frans kindly got out a ladder and ducked taped the vent. Tomorrow I will try for a replacement. Hope I can accustom myself to the blurry spot in my glasses. Not sure I’ll have those pictures of Santa Barbara either….  too much stress.