I’m lucky to have been able to live in such a beautiful area: the cool fog that buttresses from the interior heat, the artistic ambiance, the gentleness of the ocean on our south facing coastline. I took a walk this morning in the expensive neighborhood around the Four Season’s Biltmore  luxury hotel in Montecito CA, where I once was part of the Banquet staff. I stopped at Lazy Acres for a salad bar and few items to stock in the LT.

The Biltmore Four Seasons, Santa Barbara. A side entrance.

Along the Bikeway overlooking the sea in Montecito CA

Summer in Montecito / Santa Barbara

The replacement lid for the air vent brings in a sweet light to my motorhome. The LT is plugged &  charging her batteries., the frig is cooling. Tomorrow the dogs and I will head back to North Fork. The end of the circle; many troubles began with our trip to Oakhurst some weeks ago. My dear friend Forrest Lewis (check out his page) will be honored at Three Springs Community, a place he loved. We will all walk the ½ mile to his property and say good-by.