North Fork to Placerville

Via CA-49 N or CA-99 N

I was treated to the epitome of friendship at the home of Lee and her husband Craig in Placerville CA.

The sun shines, the pool sparkles, the dogs play and bark. The food is good, the companionship excellent.

Simple presence is a luxury.



I love the space of their home, light, airy. . .the air conditioner its own blessing. Trees, art, music, dogs barking and playing, the visiting deer. Peaches, peach pie, peach ice-cream, chocolate ice cream, homemade pizza, an open house with great apple and chicken sausage  Shish- kabobs – chicken and pineapple too!  The fun restaurants, the apple orchards, exploring the lakes and rivers. The watermelon is delicious. Watching the TiVo on a perfect screen, dogs with balls and toys all around.



It is hot here, too hot for me, too hot for the LT, yet I am full, I am content…  and Olympia learned to swim!!!

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