After Walnut Creek…. drove up and down some snarky mountains; the LT huffed and puffed and refused to climb HWY 50 with the air conditioner and I refused to broil so had to backtrack to I-80 where the incline is bit less intense…. over the Donner Pass and into the wide wide desert. Not as scenic but the little LT made the grade!

Here’s a few photos…. this was the week before last, the crushing heat and ennui a distant memory after the shivering magic of Wyoming.

Takes all day to drive the desert. Flat, hot and straight even if the camera is not!


It was exciting to see hills!

I saw someone base jumping off this base jumping bridge (Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls) everyone one else was looking the other way when I gasped, by the time they turned around he was down.

What everyone else was looking at! The Snake River at Twin Falls