The day I arrived in Wyoming was gorgeous! My friend working front desk at the Jackson Lake Lodge at the Grand Teton National Park gave good advice to approach the city of Jackson via Hwy 26 through the town of Alpine. The Teton Pass is more direct from Idaho but steep and twisty. He would meet me the following day. . .5:30 pm in Jackson’s Town Square.

The Hwy 26 canyon radiated and glowed with the kind of deep blue sky that you dream of with drama clouds and hills blazing amid the green with yellow and red fall foliage. . .perfect!

I didn’t like the RV parking lot at Alpine so took in the canyon again as I backtracked to a camp I’d passed along the highway and once more the following morning on my way to Jackson. I didn’t know it was the end of eye dropping pleasure. I arrived in a red-eyed, wheeze inducing flotilla of powered haze. Smoke!!!! I believe there were something like 15 + fires in the region including neighboring states any of which could be sending signals into the ether where one wanted to enjoy the view. Smoke, it turns out likes to drift and gather as it pleases.

I stopped to see the Elk Refuge in Jakson. Wrong time of year for Elk but the nature interpreter was a full timer (an RVer) so we had a nice chat. Had to drive through the firefighting staging area…. No stopping allowed but I gabbed a few quick shots

Fire Update: Smoke of a distant fire
Tuesday, September 18, 2012
By Jake Nichols
JACKSON HOLE, WY – Firefighters made steady progress yesterday strengthening containment lines on the Horsethief Canyon Fire. Some individual tree torching persists but crews were able to clean up debris along the north and east lines of the wildfire.
Steep, rugged terrain has hampered efforts securing perimeter line breaks around the entire fire. Full containment could be achieved by the weekend when it is possible the affected areas could be reopened to the public. Fire managers say smoke will persist in the valley for the next few days.
This will be JH Weekly’s final daily update on the Horsethief Canyon Fire.
574 personnel
3,373 acres burned
58% containment
$6.5 million cost of suppression to date
9 helicopters, 15 crews, 21 engines, 1 dozer

Smoke never left!!!! Fires still burning but perhpas the snow will douse them?

The Elk Refugue in the smoke