Yellowstone, the first National Park is primeval and awesome.  I only spent one day there….  I wish, I wish,  I wish  (that’s a triple wish!) that things had been different and I’d had more time. . . time to stare in wonder. I left with a zillion questions, how hot is Yellowstone? What is the earthquake activity? What would our planet be like if Yellowstone hadn’t happened? Is Yellowstone warming faster than other areas of the planet? And if so what does this mean to the climate balance? What are the microorganisms that grow in the hotter than boiling hot springs? What do the bacteria look like under the scope? Why are there so many forms of life here, such diversity in wildlife?  Did life begin here? ….  I could go on, Yellowstone inspires one to think, to contemplate, to want to study. . . at least it does for me.

I was treated to a tour, Bob drove so I could hang my head out the window, and he graciously held onto the dogs so I could wander in-and-out of the buildings and observation trails. It was a great day, one I will remember for a long time. And yes I saw Old Faithful do it’s thing, I saw it twice! Bob also took me to West Yellowstone Montana, a small town I greatly enjoyed where we met a friend of his, a  vigorous 70 yr old fisherman who intends to head to Panama and find a woman and I suppose, do more fishing. Myself I’d like to see more of Montana and more of Wyoming….  some day.

A few shots of Yellowstone

Erupting every 35 min to 2 hours or so from 90 to 184 feet… for how long… two million years? longer? The Yellowstone hotspot has been active for 17 million years.

How many folks are here! The crowd in the middle of the week at the end of Sept.

Can you imagine how many photographs and videos are taken in a (tourist visiting) day?

Looks like a painting

…. It’s getting close to midnight.. more photos of Yellowstone soon, but now it’s time for rest.