We came upon a sudden gathering crammed at the side of the roadway. It was impossible to say what was going on, cars jammed in crannies, hundreds of people huddled over scopes, cameras pointing and binoculars swapping. It couldn’t have been a class, too scatted. Quick across the road, way back in the clearing…. a grizzly! Happily minding it’s own affairs. I felt grateful she had no idea the mob way yonder was on her account.

I’d seen a a few grizzly bears much closer in Alaska raiding the trash bins. At least the dogs didn’t notice, if they thought a black bear was scary…..

The sun was lowering as we arrived at the spectacular canyons and rivers. I was lucky enough to see the sunset and the crescent moon at Artist Point in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone over the Lower Falls, you have to see it. . . . too tired tonight to tell you why…. you’ll know.

I don’t have the camera or the lenses for such a scene but I took a shot anyway.

Artist Point at the end of sunset