The LT is in the shop getting spruced up for Spring.

Turns out the reason for running hot in the mountains last summer / fall was due to the radiator being clogged up. My new shop, Lara’s, took it to the radiator shop where they tried to save it, as it’s a metal not one of the throwaway plastic types but it was too damaged to revive. The lack of uphill mountain power has been remedied by the 8 new spark plugs and wires the shop installed. …….So far a few other things…. a new plug for the differential fluid, an adjustment to the brakes, a nice oil change ….. am trying synthetic oil this time, a new thermostat… will have a complete list when it’s done…. along with a nice hefty bill.

Someone asked me why I keep putting money into it…..It is after all a ’96 Doge Ram Van running a very heavy load at close to 125,000 miles.  actually they called it “a money trap.” I suppose it is, since after the visit to the mechanics it will go up north for more work on the road handling / comfort issues and then rebuilding or replacing the on-board generator so it will power the rear cabin air conditioner sufficiently to actually pump out cold air when it’s 100° out sans suffocating everyone for miles around with toxic fumes.   So . . . . . you see in actuality the LT is not a money trap. It wasn’t maintained before I took ownership. . . .   it was driven to exhaustion. It has life and a class of its own, even with its few fiberglass scraps and lichen growing on the roof. Sure I drool over these nice shiny ritzy Springer Class B’s… Yes I would love one!!!!

Take a look at this video. . . E-Trek Roadtrek  . . .okay, yes I want one!!! Anyone have $150,000 they can lend me? Even better if they put it in a all-wheel or 4 x 4 version with a bit more ground clearance.  The dogs want one too 🙂

So what’s a few thousand or so to keep the Leisure Travel running…..  someday, this dreamer may have something new and flashy, you never know.