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Time Passes

Today is my 2nd year Anniversary on WordPress. Wow. Currently not traveling, but hope to take a short trip to Placerville and my great friend Lee if Olympia is up to it after the July 4th weekend Ventura Cluster Summerfest All Breed Dog Shows. I think Terzo will be at the show (Olympia’s stud!)and some other wonderful Lagotto! I’ll be volunteering with my local AKC Club, Channel City Kennel Club, setting up the judges lunch. This year Mason and Olympia will be watching from the couch waiting to see what fun things I bring home from the vendors.

Comes cordis Olympia of Flying Curls

Waiting for puppies!


Distracted by a Lagotto Romagnolo

The LT really looks great, I’ll post some pictures soon. Gabriel at Quality RV has done a beautiful job restoring the body along with some very nice cosmetic improvements. He fixed the troublesome generator (many have tried before him and failed!) First by a thorough taking apart and cleaning which made the generator hum but there was still trouble, one of the interior A/C plugs had shorted… how he found it I don’t know, so with a little carb adjustment, a new outlet and a helpful lesson on how to turn on the circuit breakers for troubleshooting, my generator is for the first time since I’ve owned the LT running at maximum power and optimal voltage with no bad smell. The little LT is shinning. Meanwhile I’ve been running like crazy, actually driving in my Ford back and forth to Olympia’s repro vet some 80 miles south of here, talking to other breeders, learning about breeding management and making plans for a houseful of cuddly Lagotto puppies. Very very soon she’ll be a momma!!!! Check her blog for info and updates…