I’d been waiting to see a walk-thu of the Roadtrek Promaster  Zion but now that I think it’s mostly finalized I don’t like some of this design. Disappointing, but I have an argument in general with Roadtrek layouts and interior quality although I like their innovation and push towards independent camping.  I do prefer the kitchen on the traditional camping side, for those that don’t understand this, that means when you open the side sliding door of the coach, the kitchen is on that side where the door opens, the passenger side. This is normally where you’ll find a picnic table and campfire if you’re parked and pluged into a normal camp ground or RV park and the side next to the street or curb if you are on a city street. Some builds, and frankly I’m a little too tired to remember which years and which models after having viewed hundreds of videos and places the kitchen on the drivers side… Pleasure Way and Leisure Travel and some roadtreks or do I have that backwards???  (Yes I wonder why it all has to be so confusing.)  I also prefer not to have the bathroom directly across from the kitchen and even worse directly behind the drivers seat which is what the Zion and one of the Leisure Travel Vans does which makes the bathroom / toilet the first thing you encounter upon entering the unit. I’d like this space to have a desk, a chair, a cabinet or a couch…  that would be my ideal. It’d be a great spot for one or more of my dogs to ride, close enough that I could see them in a mirror, where they could be secured but out of the way of the driving area and any loose objects or doors that popped open.

I found this helpful list of units built on the Promaster: (Click on the link)  Right now I most want to see a Safari Condo Flex, esp the queen bed model which raises for under storage.  It looks like the Hymer may also arrive here in the US. . . more evidence that the small RV, in spite of its price-tag,  is growing in popularity.  I’ve yet to drive or listen to a running Promaster so am keeping my options open for a Sprinter.

For those who’ve asked my Dodge 3500 1996 Freedom Wide Leisure Travel drives and handles quite well, it’s by no means perfect but it’s comfortable and does fine even in strong wind… if you search back entries you will see all the changes I made to it; the rear wheel spacers, rear sway bar and front steering stabilizer are absolutely worth the investment.)  If I keep the leisure Travel for awhile longer I will replace the shocks (to Bilstein) and the tires to a heaver duty tire; the Monroe heavy-duty shocks are not sufficient for the type of driving I do as is evident by tire cupping.


I’m fond of my little LT, but I hope to do some serious distances in the coming year and I badly need improved insulation for the dogs and I long for a more usable shower… ergo I’ll keep up my search, but I don’t need to be in a hurry.


Just a song for the ones I miss