I’ve decided to take the LT to Alaska. Later I will replace her for that updated bathroom and improved insulation I so want, am keeping that a secret from her ears while we get ready for a long journey. There are so many things I adore about my LT. She’s so very comfy with the roomy isles, plush seats and my bed looking out the back doors which I can often position to face nature’s big smile. It’ doesn’t hurt either that at 19.5 feet we fit in many parking spots.

The LT is scheduled for a trip check next week. Meanwhile I have my list of to do’s:

  1. Sketeer’s Beaters  for the front windows; I purchased the gray Yellowstone’s… they will need a little adjusting but are the right size for the LT, I called before I ordered. I suspect it will be hot at least at times, I heard it was 100 degs in Anchorage last summer, so these will allow open windows sans bugs!!!
  2. Mosquito netting to handcraft bug screens for the side and rear doors: I bought 5 yards of white no-see-ems mosquito netting from amazon… Undecided if the netting will require hems. The Sketeer Beaters have hems. The yardage I bought is exactly the measured size of the rear door so I will turn it the other way if I do need hems. I bought some extra magnets on the recommendation of staff at Sketeer Beater to close the flaps on the “curtain-doors.” My best idea is to duct tape the netting/door to the door jamb and roll it back into tie strips when not in use. …  I considered installing curtain rods but given the shape and placement of the doors it seemed too complicated. I found a very helpful company in Australia that is willing to handcraft a solution for the rear   I’d definitely recommend them, they answer quickly and seem very helpful and another company that will cut to order a door for the side opening, this is the kind of door it would be  (just click on the link)  …  if you search around the Internet you’ll find a company that will make them to fit. That said after a lot of thought I’ve decided to go with a homemade job.
  3. I bought a Valterra fan for the ‘frig.  Should have done this long ago but I did not understand that in order to cool an RV frig faster and more efficiently esp in higher digit heat this extra circulation is needed. I’ll try to find the explanation and post it.  The product had some bad reviews about how the batteries fit but am hoping for the best.
  4. I lost one of my 30 amp to 15 amp adaptors so I bought a Pigtail Adapter type as a replacement.
  5. Ned to repair some loose screws inside that are holding curtains; not sure if the screws will need to be remounted as they simply do not hold. This could be a little tricky so I don’t wind up with extra holes in the vinyl interior covering.
  6. Another loose item is the passenger side mirror. It will not stay in place, will be asking the mechanic to take a look at this.
  7. The rear side window again has a broken gear… I bought a new gear…  will take to the mechanic.
  8. My most challenging interior item is to fashion a second bed. Yes, you heard me right…. For the first time I’m taking a human passenger along on a trip!!!! I have an offer of borrowing 2 tents. Those will be perfect for nights at campgrounds but boondocking will likely require sleeping inside. It was suggested to me that I try a hammock!  I love this idea. I love hammocks anyway so I started researching and found an incredible array of hammocks. Some feel sleeping in a hammock full time is much better for your back and for a good night’s sleep. This does require a bit of learning and studying as there is a right way and a wrong way to sleep in hammock. Likewise there are hammocks for interior use and others for outside. I may buy one of the outside hammocks with complete bug netting just for the fun of it…  oh, silly me I wish somehow the hammock could suspend itself without the need of trees or carting along some sort of stand that wouldn’t fit in my little RV anyway. Yep, if somebody could invent that…  a self suspended hammock LOL. I called several hammock stores and got the bad news which I’ll explain: I’d decided to hang the hammock from the passenger door to the side entry door. That a little over 6.5 feet. Turns out that’s not enough space. For a hammock to have a flat space for a body to lie and not budge down like a chair swing there needs to be closer to 9 feet, perhaps one could do 7 or 8 feet in a pinch…  more in this case is better. Of course not being the believing type I’d want to try it out for myself with the extra part of the hammock twirled and locked outside the van. Outside Momma show how to hang a hammock inside a van should you want to try it.  My passenger has offered to sleep on the floor, this may be the only option however it’s not optimal. The floor on the LT is in several levels, necessarily lugging filler material to create a flat sleeping surface…  and the obvious is that the aisle will be filled blocking the bathroom, stove, frig, any late night craving will be off-limits.  So I went back to plan numero uno…  trying to make the front seats into a bed.  Oh how I wish that pesky passenger seat was hinged to lay flat!!!  I’ve tried off and on to create an angled platform …  angling from the drivers side to the side doors but my mechanical aptitude is low. I have a condition called too many aptitudes which makes such a person a drifter with accomplished projects and a lifetime of just getting by…  I only score low on 2 aptitudes….  why oh why is something so useful as mechanical ability one of them! Then  I found this idea:  the carbunck which is designed for kids but I think can be adapted for an adult. I wrote emailed the company but have not received a reply.  I discovered 2 online building plans for a bunk over the front seats… here’s my favorite:  (remember click the links if you have an interest.) I prefer this canvas and pipe idea to plywood which presents a storage problem  and the canvas just looks more sleep worthy and will provide more room overhead. With luck I can build one, hoping my housemate will help along with an open minded seamstress.  The length from window to window is 6 feet, the distance shrinks to 5 feet by the time one reaches seat level. Well, it’s an idea, once it’s done I’ll see how long it turns out to be.
  9. Other items: clothes… since it’s been at least 4 or 5 years since Jolyon took me to go shopping and given my weight gain….  Yes, I ate my way through loss and mourning most of my clothes either don’t fit or have significant holes.
  10. Will like need to do some work on the blackout / reflective window covers.
  11. A nice new isle rug is in order with a subtle color charge.

 Another Song:    I‘ll See You Again