So much to do, getting ready is helping me after this long year after Jolyon’s death and Forrest and Dale and all the other deaths and people who have left my life (this is closer to the last 7 or 8 years.) I’m pushing hard with a long long to do list and everything’s falling into place!

All the RV needed was a new engine battery and some minor adjustments. Have decided not to get new tires as the Open Country Toyo’s have 50% tread wear remaining. Rotating has helped the tire cupping likely caused by the wrong shocks that Ian’s Tire installed. I seem to be in the minority in not liking these tires, I’m sticking to my dislike but also sticking to my budget! I’d recommend if you need shocks for a Van based Class B motorhome you spend the extra for Bilstein, not sure why these are on closeout as I haven’t researched them… maybe newer ones are available, maybe these aren’t the right size?

My to do list:

  • Trip check for RV: Done
  • Taxes: Done
  • Eye Exam: Done, YEAH no problems found after all other than aging and sensitive eyes. So relieved.
  • Make Bug Curtains: Not yet, but I have the material
  • Teeth: Have decided to wait until summer
  • Book Denali: Long story but not pre-booking
  • Costco Card: This is now in my name; sorry everyone who Jolyon had on his plan, it’s just me now.
  • Bed for RV for my travel companion: After struggling with this I decided on a Kamp Rite Insect Protection System Tent and a beautiful Nemo, Cosmo Air Pad: this will work for the floor in the RV with a thin memory foam pad folded over for the lower  portion of the floor to make it even. If you have this rig you know what I’m talking about and outside in appropriate locations. Done
  • Prepare Press Release and Flyer for the Summerfest Ventura AKC Cluster Dog Show…  July 4th weekend. Done
  • Write dog sheet info for my amazing friend who is boldly taking on all 4 of my dogs, plus her 2 while I’m gone. Done
  • Groom All Dogs: Will be done: Not Yet
  • Get all dogs up to date on shots, meds, etc etc.: In Progress
  • Oil Change for the Camry: Done
  • Little Rug for the RV: Done
  • Frig Fan: Done
  • Hair Cut: Done
  • New Camera: Yeah!!!!  A Sony A6000 with the 2 kit lenses!!!! Done
  • Ear Cleaning:  Soon
  • Clothes: Working on it….  trying mail order, LOL.
  • Shoes: Same as above
  • Clean RV: In progress
  • Renew Camping Cards…  Passport America and Good Sam …  these Good Sam guys do way too much advertising and trying to push other services…  I wouldn’t trust much of what they offer, but the membership is easily made up as so many RV Parks offer their discount. Have decided none of the other “camping RV” cards are worth the price; they may be if you intend to stay in one spot for a long time as a base camp, but not for me. Done
  • I may also do Harvest Host
  • Call Verizon re service in Canada:  Done $15 per month will do it. using phone as mobile hotspot has  become expensive so am thinking about it. Not expecting much coverage in Canada.  At some point I’ll consider a cell phone antenna booster.
  • Insurance card for Canada: Done at AAA office
  • Stock Supplies:  In progress
  • Update GPS: Not yet, hope I can find the right cord
  • Chains: Not Yet
  • Binoculars: Done, am borrowing
  • Solve problem of phone not fully charging and battery fast drain on my Samsung Note 2:  No, and no clue yet…  in other words everything I’ve tried so far has not worked. Could this be a faulty / intermittent charging port on the phone?
  • Music; Partially Done.  I downloaded and paid for PowerAmp for my Android. I like it! Big problem is the battery drain trouble above.
  • Audio Books and other audio files: Not yet
  • Did I mention Shoes:  Trouble finding what I want in the size that fits and that does not hurt my feet. Sigh… need an entire entry just on shoes.
  • Get stuff ready like … laptop, learn new stuff for new camera…  photoshop, etc. Discover I will need to purchase a new laptop to keep up with my new camera…  sigh. In Progress
  • Shopping…  oh there’s always shopping
  • Pack RV:  Not Yet
  • Explain this all to the dogs. Hmmmm ….
  • Kiss all my dogs over and over and tell them to be good and to enjoy their upcoming vacation too: Ongoing
  • Oh yeah, and have fun and take good pictures and enjoy trip: Upcoming

Here’s a Nova video on Dinosaurs in Denali  It’s  about an hour long. Did you know there were dinosaurs tromping across Alaska? Makes sense to me, maybe Forrest and I speculated this back when we were enrolled in Earth System Sciences at UCSB. Only 2 states Forrest didn’t travel to, Hawaii and Alaska;  I will make a sign for the Signpost Forest at Watson Lake and include your name on it my love.

Just How Big Is Alaska

Just How Big Is Alaska