I have so much to say. But this will be a little at a time. For those keeping track and wondering, today I’m near Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia camped by a rushing and noisy brook. It’s cloudy but sunny, maybe it will rain, I’m not sure. Rain happens frequently and suddenly here  in Canada unlike in Southern California where it’s a get out and dance celebration.

Here’s photo of where I was several days ago… there are many more, I will post them in time.

Lake Moraine in May, sill frozen.

Lake Moraine in May, sill frozen.

I have seen great beauty and experienced pain and sorrows. This trip, after-all is not about renewal; laughing and singing, but must be about introspection, contemplation, endurance and worry. Things go wrong, I am well aware of this, it’s never expected.

More later, and I promise gorgeous photos.