Found a quick delivery for new Bilstein shocks…  they are on their way!  I’ve long been weary of the Cooper tires with the Heavy Duty Monroe shocks; they are okay but I’m eager for a better ride.The Coopers suffered cupping which according to my tire shop indicated insufficient shocks for my vehicle’s load; I had plenty of use out of them.  I’ve come to understand that the Cooper/Monroe combo is easily obtainable as stock fit for the Dodge Ram 3500; however the van is not really a van when it’s a motorhome. For anyone that has this motorhome of similar vintage you’ve probably come to learn that there is too much weight in the rear which causes the wild steering as these vehicle age.  The GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) from what I’ve found (have not been able to do any real-time weights but I would like to)  is listed at 9,200 pounds for the motorhome; the Dodge Ram Van alone is listed at 6,400 lbs. If anyone knows different please post but going by those numbers it certainly doesn’t make sense not to use the Bilstein’s even if they are more difficult to obtain, my local tire shops cannot sell them or order them but actually they are not at difficult to find; I ordered 4 shocks from the ShockWarehouse   They have an online chat which I used to ask questions. This is what I ordered, I asked for speed shipping otherwise shipping would be free. :

2 Bilstein B6 4600 Heavy Duty Shock Absorber Dodge B200 Front 24-014014
Item: 24-014014 
$89.84 $179.6
2 Bilstein B6 4600 Heavy Duty Shock Absorber Dodge B100 Rear 24-184670
Item: 24-184670 
$92.53 $185.06

Sub Total             $364.74
Discount Code (CB10)      – $10.00
Shipping (3 Day) $19.95
Invoice Total      $374.69

I found them just a little bit cheaper on Amazon from the same company but I went ahead and purchased from ShockWarehouse directly.  My shop will install them once they arrive, if you’re handy and good with a jack you might be able to do this on your own. My shop quoted $175 for the instal.

I’m hopeful that these along with the new LT Michelins will significantly improve the ride and drivability of my LTV.  Currently with the new tires the ride is difficult, I can feel every grunt and cracked nuance of the terribly maintained Hwy 101 though Santa Barbara. Where ‘o where are our transportation dollars going!!!   Well, that’s a different subject. I worked as a transportation planner for both County and City and obtained my masters in public administration and I will be happy at a future date to discuss a few salient spicy tidbits….  but later.

Up next I will continue the modifications I’ve made
After that I will review what I’ve done to improve the overall handling of my Dodge van RV. When I first brought home my motorhome it was drivable but only barely. I really did not think  I would be able to get it home that day as it wandered all over the highway wanting to choose for itself which lane, or rather lanes to take. Every passing truck or car shook us out like clothes hanging in the breeze to dry, and the wind!  The wind was impossible.

Right now it’s time to walk the dogs!