XPS Ribs should be almost on and I’ll be picking up the RV very soon, will they work?  While waiting for them I thought I’d post a bit about Placerville again.  I have wonderful friends there and so enjoy visiting. I didn’t take any photos this time as it was only a quick trip but I was treated to a new sandwich shop that I highly recommend should you be in the area:  Timmy’s Brown Bag; a one man shop with a bit of help from family.  Tim makes your sandwich over conversation if you like, he’s an interesting man with a background in architecture and teaching architecture before switching careers to fine chefing in such places as Napa. He opened his very friendly sandwich shop with lots of delicious “foody” choices with fixings like Cauliflower Fries, Triple Cream Brie, nam pla shallots or Brandied Mushrooms in Timmy’s creations along with meats, fish and vegetarian offerings. He didn’t want a staff so he kept it small and simple and is relying on word of mouth which should work just fine. I had the miso marinated tuna …  so good, just as he said it would be! I saved half for later. Lee ordered us some deep  fried tater tots! Pop ’em in your mouth crisp and golden. Not just off the old cookie cutter…  so fun!

Placerville and the general area is full of happy surprises esp in the art and food category.  The town is growing. There’s good hiking, wineries, farm ripe fruits and veges at half the price and twice the deliciousness as here, and of course the American River with whitewater rafting.

On various trips I’ve been treated to many good restaurants, ice cream, local theater…  all those things I don’t do at home along with feed stores, hardware stores, the local co-op and yes, the usual big box stores are in the area too.  This last time I was introduced to a really nice place to take your dog for quick bath or even a show groom….  so tired can’t think of the name of the place, but if you go that I’ll look it up for you.

It’s very green in Placerville, on the trip up esp on CA 41 the hills were covered with wildflowers.  Am hoping the trees can make a recovery this year from the beetles and the drought.