Enjoying a great time in Florence it was tough to leave, esp with invitations to stay. North was beckoning, singing promise in the strong wind, luring the wanderer to come.

I was proud of my dogs for getting along with the big group and continual activity in Florence. Mason at one point asked if he could go in the van and take a nap but the pups ate it up. They would adore a vigorous lifestyle of wide open county, swimming, hunting for truffles, visitors and land to explore. There are other great places such as Agate Beach and Ona Beach and nameless others for dogs and their people, we stopped at a few, walked on the sand but did not get wet. All my love to you Oregon where the beaches are free and available to all and dogs are “people” and not objects!

Why Dogs Love Oregon . . . and their People!

Why Dogs Love Oregon . . . and their People!

You see my dear, Jackson, my problem child developed a limp tail. This can happen with too much exertion. It cleared up in a few days without intervention still I kept half an eye out for veterinarians. The tail becomes exhausted and cannot wag or lift at all, or maybe beyond half mast. Sad to see him like this, the way he sat on the passenger seat squeezed in tight, standing on the seat leaning hard on his tail couldn’t help, Jackson liked getting there, taking to the beaches like a seal and the grasslands like a gazelle, every time I stopped, no matter how minor, was occasion for wild happy! but riding as we drove, not so much! Jackson’s not as brave as he appears. He’s my little itty-bitty tiny puppy …  he’s always been big since the day he was born and ahead of the pack. He gets suspicious with his imagination, anything could be dangerous until he really knows for sure, things can fool you.  He’s unstoppable energy and enthusiasm and very much all boy yet he more than the others needs to check things out, one at a time, and he gets into trouble and then he needs his human to make everything okay.

The shops were closed in Depoe Bay; darn, had been looking forward to killer bread-pudding as recommended by Carrie, another time.

There were a slew of those parking lot type RV parks, resorts they call them; see these everywhere on the coast. I suppose they’re ok if you have a 5th wheel or a trailer and you plan to get up early and come in late after a day of boating, hiking, fishing, etc. Parking on cement or gravel on top of your neighbors is totally not appealing to me. Was about to push on when I spotted a sign for the Sea & Sand RV Park, it was on the ocean side, the side closer to the whales, so what the heck, I turned back (not with the greatest enthusiasm given what’ I’d already seen) down the frontage road and drove around the park. It was campy with trees and well spaced sites then out on the cliff I saw an empty space facing the sea.

The walk down to the beach at the Sea & Sand

The walk down to the beach at the Sea & Sand

I booked it for the night, reverse parking my rig in the spot, I can do this since my RV is less than 20 feet long. Could not understand why they had sites backwards to the view, may be an explanation somewhere? And why oh why did they post 2 little signs directly ahead saying,  No Parking in front of RVs, Pick up after your pet and Keep off banks. Couldn’t they have placed those a bit off to the left not right dab smack in the view of space 103? Hummm? Yep, I think every space should be equal here.


Didn’t mind this sign. Seems like a reasonable idea. Trash and cig butts too should be on this list.

But these signs could have been moved over.

But these signs could have been moved over.

My beautiful night. Sunset and dusk take a long sweet time.

My beautiful night. Sunset and dusk take a long sweet time.

Grassy, Spring flowery walking trail NS stairs down to the beach with killer view! Given Jackson’s tail situation we forego swimming at the beach. Walked along the seawall in Depoe Bay, named for a Joshua Indian, Charlie DePoe, admiring the spouting waves, reading warning signs for tsunamis and then along the side with the shops and restaurants, mostly closed at the early morning, a few starting to open, then back up the coast.

In Depoe Bay

In Depoe Bay, Oregon




Depoe Bay. there are some large waves happening out there.


In Raymond, OR, scores of metal cutout figures hold up friendly arms; there are deer, elk, bears, wolves, people holding dogs all cuddled, walking dogs, people sweeping the street, fishing, planting a tree, riding a bike, groups of children . . . and for some reason they were all wearing purple shirts. Wanted to stop for a better look but did not see an easy place to park. The metal creatures made the town seem extraordinarily friendly as in a bizarre TV-drama-land sort of feeling, where anything could and would happen. If one could go out and touch one of these would it speak, were the “real” people and animals around, watching, waiting? Didn’t get any pictures, too busy driving. Driving and dreaming.


I’d passed another little town previously looking for a bite of breakfast, there was a war veteran type stature and 2 older guys on motorcycles, wearing back leather jackets, one of them walked over and peed on the statute! He has his back to me at least, I decided not to eat there.

I had in mind to stay in Astoria where the Columbia River joins the Pacific Ocean about 120 mile drive from Depoe Bay, was looking forward to it but as things often go, places change, they grow and develop in-between visits without asking my opinion, ha-ha. the RV Park I had in mind was like another homeless encampment, I’m sure it would have been okay but there was too much traffic.


Last time through here I had Olympia and Mason, we had a great breakfast at an outdoor cafe, I’d loved it …  today it seemed crowded and noisy. I drove all around and finally crossed the long truss bridge to Washington (if you look back far enough in my blog I managed a photo in my first crossing.)



Astoria-Megler Bridge to WASHINGTON