Walkabout, Coffee Creek RV Resort, Santo, TX


I had one last night before Ft Worth and then I was there. My memory is fuzzy, likely on purpose like one covers their eyes watching a scary scene. By the time I reached Ft Worth Texas I was TIRED. My dogs were not yet groomed, Mason was worse sick than he had been, Jackson was sick and looking scrawny and my hotel room had no view. Dogs needed baths, grooming, fixing for their stomachs, a good run, practice for the ring. I was feeling engaged although when I arrived at the Hawthorn Suites several police cars had followed me into the parking lot to deal with a domestic dispute. Seeing others with their Lagotto was very cool. Not everyone was staying here, I wished they were or that the entire group could have been together for mingling. Those I was able to meet I really enjoyed.


Still feeling a bit sick and not show groomed but my darlings all the time.

I could write reams of comments about the politics, the logistics, all the work folks put in, the AKC Reps, the Judges, the food, the events, the people, competitions and dogs at the Specialty but all I’m gonna say about the showing is that for me it became a parade of too close disasters and “challenges” that left me and my dogs needing a break. It’s left a sadness in me as much as a remembrance of adventure.  My dogs recovered better than I. I’m not the competitive type, neither do I have the strongest body, a companion or helper or much in the way of funds to hire those things. Next time better….  hefting up the ladder.

Walking in one of the large parks in Ft Worth in heavy wind. Had to a crosstown run to get rice and chicken to make a bland diet for everyone’s stomach.

Solar Bike Station Rental on the river walk behind the hotel.

A little piece of the River Walk near the hotel.

Food Trucks, kinda early in the morning.

Sunrise on the River Walk

Folks in Ft Worth were friendly. So many smiles, pleasant interchanges and Thank You Mam’s. Even folks on the bicycle path that I was walking with my dogs were so polite telling me they were behind me and then smiling at my dogs shouting friendly comments and greetings.  The locals I had conversations with  left me feeling happy. Didn’t that use to happen in California, way back in the past? It was hot and then hot and super windy. More of a meat and religion place, cows and cowboys but they also have Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s and I saw vegetarian and vegan restaurants. I’d like to see more of Texas. Lots of pickup trucks and full size parking spots, good art scene, trendy draws, big parks, eco-friendly although the air quality apparently suffers. I wasn’t there long enough to have more than a passing impression.



Round UP! Who says truffle dogs and little terrier can’t take these guys!

I did a quick pass through Dallas since I had no idea what it’d be like; didn’t stay long as I headed for a camping spot, yep, I landed the last spot available in the entire park. I’d tried Cedar Hill State Park that was full and this one was posted full as well. I drove up  to the kiosk anyway and said, hey I know you’re full, but maybe you have a space for me?  And yep they did!

Lynn Creek Park. Grand Prairie, TX