Yep, WINDY, as always. We were warming up a bit from our night in Amarillo. It’s time to have the door seals replaced on the LTV! When it’s cold enough and windy enough it feels like an arctic blast pouring in around the side doors.

Checking out the dam at Santa Rosa Lake State Park, there was a campground here. Didn’t stay.

How do you get a lake in the desert? Build a dam.

I stopped in to see the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa New Mexico on Route 66 halfway between Amarillo and Albuquerque. What was I expecting? It wasn’t what I found, didn’t look like the picture on the Internet or in my mind. Maybe it was the wrong time of year, the entrance gate was closed. No one was there as really there was no reason to be there. There was some water, and it was blue and round. That was it. I thought about taking the dogs over to it but it was windy and cold and the water level at the entrance was low and steep.  It had that deep deep look. I think it’s 60 or 70′ feet down and nearly 200′ with the caves at the bottom.

I was unimpressed with the reservoir, Santa Rosa Lake, probably fine for fishing or boating, likely a nice family outing. It would be quiet and have stars but no view of the lake from the RV sites. Probably wrong time of year although there were a few, a very few campers. In the right circumstances with some warmer or less windy and drier weather it could be fun but it wasn’t it for me. Being alone, if it doesn’t suit my fancy or doesn’t seem right for my dogs I don’t need to stay.

Old Town Albuquerque and the Pawslinger Gang! Hey, guys the snake went that way! 

Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Pawslinger Gang hanging out thinking about their next caper. We were missing our big mamma boss, she was back in Northern Cal.


Gallup NM, Route 66

OK everybody, hold still and it’ll look like we’re part of the street art.

Flying Curls Jeana


Familiar Rest Stops Route 66 Trading Post. The shops here were having clearance sales, at the junction of New Mexico and Arizona, the rest stop is just ahead. There’s a row of  Native American souvenir and gift shops…  touristy.  Up on the hill there are replicas of wildlife. I remember traveling as a family in the 1960’s how thrilling it was to spot REAL animals! Elk, pronghorn antelope, bears, bighorn sheep, bobcats, mountain lions, fox, beaver, javelina, porcupines. All I’ve seen are rabbits, deer, squirrels and of course birds.


We’ve been at this rest stop  too quite a few times lately… approaching Flagstaff.  Flying Curls Jackson.

Road song about traveling west:
Ballad of I-40 West ~ Kevin Brennan and Wavelength ~ original song