My trip to Prescott hit the happy puppy button and Jeana delivered 3 gorgeous brown with white supper bundles.  It was a tough whelping for her and lots of learning for me. I LOVE the puppies!!!!  All are now in their new homes.  I miss them like crazy even with the 3 hr interludes esp through the night to see to their care. I forgot what’s it was like to be available 24/7  to bring these little guys up right. Part of that was the mothering style of Jeana. Unlike her mother Olympia, Jeana is more of a paws off mom, she’s a great mom, but is happy to leave a lot of the fussing and teaching to me, her human while with Olympia she was a full charge mom and still mothers her two (grown) pups that live here at home. It’s 2 weeks since they’ve been gone and I swear I can still hear them calling me but I am finally sleeping again and once again Jackson can be the puppy.  He was not upset with the little ones but he was very upset by all the visitors that came not to see him and not to throw the ball for him! He couldn’t understand all the fuss with the little ones. He actually reverted to being an out of control 6 month old but now that’s he’s the center of attention again all is well.


Flying Curls Juneau

Flying Curls Louie with his mom Flying Curls Jeana

Flying Curls Forrest


We’re gearing up for a quick jaunt somewhere, likely north up the coast but not too much driving, we all want to have some fun; the dogs of course opt for getting muddy and wild outside of the city with all it’s restrictions.



By the way, we’re still looking for a human that wants to run with us in the mud and the sun and raise more bright beautiful Lagotti pups!