Flying Curls Jackson demolishing yet another tennis ball.

I found an article from this last January explaining that permanent water rationing will be coming to California. This is to occur with faucets spraying tiny jets of water annoyingly  delivered by a plethora of quirky gizmos and gadgets. This kind of thing is already in evidence across the country and not just in those bathroom faucets where patrons practice the latest in hand waving voodoo, finger flipping and swearing in hope that enough wetness will be delivered to wipe away all the germs, dirt and feelings of guilt, oh and the responsibility, that yes, you see, we have clean hands. You’ve all been there, shaking off your wet hands or just avoiding it altogether because of the absence of a towel in favor of a blasting jet of loudly delivered air that is said in public facilities to be spreading fecal mater right back into your hands.


The article explains that homes will be retrofit to have these things and not just public facilities. In almost every state I visited water is rationed in this manner, even in the showers let alone the sinks where the water spurts so quickly and uncontrollably that it’s nearly impossible to brush your teeth unless you remember to bring a cup.  I experimented with dry tooth brushing and paper towels when using camp restrooms. The most extreme was a shower that required the pushing of a button approximately every 20 seconds. Maybe it was 10 seconds.  A quick flash would jettison something that sure looked like water but before you could test it out or feel it on your skin it was gone!  I developed some nifty new skills, leaning in just right to press the button with my elbow while still having hands free for soap sort of twisting my torso so I could get wet or more difficult to rinse off.  I learned to use a stick to control the sink water, I even used an empty paper towel roll to get enough water to clean my toothbrush; ever try to get two hands washed when the water only stays on for a fraction of a second? Forget washing a dog! Or your hair! Need to add a sink stopped to my toiletry kit.

A long time ago, maybe 30 years ago I began to write a book about water wars. In my story, something had happened to all the water making it generally unusable. Individuals were assigned only a few cups a day which were jealously guarded. A young girl child born into this world of scare water started having dreams. …  and so on….     I’d worked out the story line except for one thing, why or how water would be in such short supply. And now here we are.

Along with water rationing I’ve noticed a boom of housing developments. I used to call them bedroom communities. They seem to be incredibly popular yet I remain leery of them. My good friends however have recently moved into theirs in a suburb of Sacramento CA and they love it. Visiting Lee and Craig, their American Eskimo Dog Zak and their new Eskie Asha was first on my list. It took me over 13 hours from Santa Barbara to reach Elk Grove although I stopped in Atascadero to visit a new friend for coffee and conversation. I was so tired when I got there. . . . after meeting Asha was treated to a nice room and bath in the front of the house where my camper was parked all for me and my gang.

Cute Asha, the new Eskie love in Craig and Lee’s new home.

Zak and his sista Asha

   I was unable to explore Elk Grove beyond a trip to the store for groceries and a fun find of a Vietnamese Drink called a Che; mine had red, white, mung beans, taro, pearls, pandan jelly & combo jelly, coconut milk at Bambo. I’d like to try more of their drinks, next time I’m in the SF Valley seems to be one of these shops in Panorama City. I looked Elk Grove up on Wikipedia. It’s fast growing which explains how my friends were able to watch their home being built as the region moves away from away from farming to suburban. Urban sprawl, I think is the right term. They seem to truly enjoy being back in “civilization,” closer to their activities, nightlife, restaurants, concerts, art classes, music, yoga, all the things they love.

I’d hoped for more of a tour but Lee is a busy woman with the new house, the new dog Asha needing lots of TLC and all her community and creative involvements.

My friends engaged on their computers enjoying the view of their growing trees and open space

Jackson was being a pest. Lee bought my dogs an automatic ball launcher.  I put it together and tried it out. It’s very loud! Olympia was scared but she gave it a rousing try, Jackson of course loved it but he did not learn to put they balls back in so I still had to go gather then up and place them back in the machine.


This isn’t the ball throwing video, need to find that one but this one is all 6 of the dogs 🙂