Nope these are not bison but part of the canine greeting committee adjacent to the Valley of The Rogue State Park in Gold Hill Oregon. About 20 of them came running over to stare at the dogs!

Valley of the Rouge State Park is directly off Interstate 5. It is also a reststop area which I’ve frequented many times. Camping is further along the long and narrow frontage road, with almost as much walking as you’d like since it’s part of an access trail along the Rouge River. Not a destination Park but perfect for a stopover. My night was peaceful, far enough from the Interstate not to be bothered by passing trucks.  $29 for electric I believe, a tad more if you need a full hookup. It’s worth the time to hunt around as some spaces are close to the I-5. I recommend this location as opposed to the expensive KOA although if it’s a destination there are plenty of campgrounds on the river.

Somewhat deceptive image approaching Portland Oregon. The traffic was HORRIBLE! Of course it’s horrible in California too. Over 2 hours to get through the city center, late afternoon. My “friendly” GPS keeps adding delay time to my route….  ha ha. What is the solution to all this crawling gridlock! What happened, Portland? I recall Portland positioning to be a model for traffic relief….  it didn’t work. Rush hour now 6 hours a day.  Maybe not as congested as LA’s gridlock (which I avoid) but daunting.


I was thrilled to spend a night with Sue Yarbrough, a Lagotto Romagnolo friend I met at last year’s National Specialty. When she said she lived in Vancouver, I automatically put that as Canada, but nope I was wrong and I realized it just in time. She lives in Washington so we were able to connect. Graciously opening her home to me and my 4 wild ones, we had fun, what better topic that dogs! She brought us dinner and invited me to do a load of laundry. A beautiful home she shares with her daughter. Can’t wait to visit Sue Y again for truffle hunting with her soon to be Lagotto puppy girl.


An advantage to having a small van-type RV is that it can go (almost) anywhere; perfect for visiting and parking in driveways where a larger rig could not fit.




Getting through Seattle, mid-morning. Took the 2 mile Underground Expressway (coming up) underneath the downtown area. Is it a good answer? I don’t know but much as I missed the view I found it useful and a bit surrealistic. Drilled by a machine named Bertha. Zoom, zoom, zoom.  People like to lean on their horns. 

My ex-pal Sue Belanger moved from Santa Barbara to Granite Falls to initiate a romantic life with her long time known and now newly wed husband Jim. Many people I know (of my middle age and older generation) are finding new adventures like this.  A harmonious companion, a home with land, financial security, purpose and love;  along with water, birds, plants and the joys of simple beauty …  Sigh. If only such delight would catch me and my band of canines too. As she says, she is blissful.   I somehow missed a nice shot of the front of the house, complete with porch….  sorry.  Very much enjoyed my visit, thank you Sue and Jim for your welcome and hospitality.

Jim is a master craftsman, this is his Hudson Jet he’s rebuilding, he has other classic cars he’s taken apart and put back together as well as an impressive array of motorcycles, and power lawn equipment.