I want to continue to share this trip I took with my four dogs. I am trying to find the focus to continue to tell you about it. I brought home a hand full of sugar sand and 100 shells I collected on the Beaches in North and South Carolina. I saw alligators and turtles, sharks and bears, flying fish and flying squirrels, 1000’s of butterflies, foxes and bright colored birds. I saw wild Connemara Ponies, that weren’t very wild at all. Monuments, plantations, dude ranches, the home of the blues and civil rights movement. Pine trees and coal, swamps and wildflowers . . and so much more. I wish I could have stayed longer, much longer in spite of the bugs, the fierce wind, and extreme storms, that a little van camper must run from. Massive floods and thunderous madness. Soon, I think I will at least post a little of my memories.

I find an Alligator