What, can’t take my dogs on a 2000 mile walk, darn or does this mean off leash only (ha-ha)
100 species of native trees found in the Smokies!
Tons of Traffic in the Great Smoky Mountains but totally worth it. Jammed with butterflies in migration, wild horses, wildflowers in bloom, black bears, amazing trees, birds, elk, coyote, white tailed deer, waterfalls.
The Great Smoky Mountains
Southern Cooking… cheap, easy & delicious
Heading towards Hayesville North Carolina… wound up on an motorcycle road. I had to laugh, it was easy driving compared to others I’ve been on. They had those photo stations set up for the bikers, I saw them take my picture as I wondered what they thought of a middle aged solo woman cheerfully driving her old camper van on the skyway.
This campground looks so nice and calm. Very early in the morning 5 strikes of intense lightening hit directly above, all I could do was huddle the dogs under the blankets as I kept counting the hits. the dogs were shaking hard. At least (this time) my van was (amazingly) not stuck. After the scare everyone in the campground came out of their vehicles and started their day playing in the water.
Visiting a Friend
More yummy Southern food. Visiting, delicious eating and socialization is good in North Carolina. People kept asking me why in the world I lived in California.