I’ve been long remiss from this blog in the non-wandering life. Death, changes, issues, socializing, persistent sinus trouble, dental surgery and the joy of Jeana’s puppies.

Here will be more of the photos I took on my Southern cross country drive and if I can find them, my trip to Sequim Washington where I went to bred Jeana. Jeana is a Lagotto Romagnolo and she has three sweet newborn puppies. Come January (although my dental work will take at least until next summer) we will all pile in the van to continue exploring. Am planning to attend the RTR (Rubber Tramp Rendezvous) The location for 2020 is still being decided. I will seek travel companions, maybe it would be a good place to find them; van travelers and overseas travelers although I’ve decided I am willing to continue to travel alone and to go further, I’ve joined a group for international solo women travelers over 60. Can I afford it, who knows, probably not, but this is life, it’s here and I want to, need to live it, to fill life with more love, more adventure, a lot less fear and anxiety.

So I will post photos, not much text. Enjoy them or not at least they will be here to remind me of why I need to be on the road.

For the van travelers out there my transmission failed at about 172,500 miles on the engine. My camper got me home, I consider it a bit of a miracle since the transmission gave no warning of imminent demise. The dogs and I might have been stranded at some dive hotel in the baking California heat, if I could have even obtained a tow that would allow all my dogs in the cab and if I could have found a capable mechanic. The morning after I returned (and once reverse failed) I drove without stopping on hope that my van would keep going forward, I started for my mechanics, Frans was following me, good thing, as I had just entered the freeway when my camper failed. Would not start, would not run so I still needed a tow, thank you AAA, but was not too far. My mechanic sent out the transmission and it was completely rebuilt, all that remains is for me do a test drive which will happen in January. Perhaps it’s up for another long trip? Can I trust my van to make the Northern / Canadian – US route to the northeastern shore?

Sunlight through the windshield, rain on my dogs backs, wind blowing, thunder booming, surprises around the next corner. The lonely road is where I am least lonely, the long long vistas where I feel the most found.

Cherokee, North Carolina