The flood on the Arkansas River pushed me to North Little Rock. I took a chance as all the RV Parks were overfilled. I’d called, driven by and looked, moved on and simply decided to try the County Park and maybe get lucky.

There were dire warnings that the road into the County Park was flooded but the signs all indicated the roads were open. Many times, last minute, even if a camp is full I’ve found a spot, esp for a small Class B camper for one night. And I was lucky! Last space in the park was mine and a day or two before the roads would be closed. Was so happy not to be driving into the night fearful of floodwaters or who knows what. I’d met a couple earlier in the day who had told me, yep, they made it barely, driving their Class A from traveling East and it might be possible that I could make it heading West although they’d passed rigs that had not been so fortunate.

I have limits on the risks I’ll take, heading straight into whip you off the road gusts, massive flood waters, severe thundery storms in unstable weather, nope; if this place had been full I would have driven back to Little Rock and taken my chances in a parking lot. It wasn’t actually that late when I arrived so I took a long walk with the dogs, let them run about our camping spot and play ball, it was a nice to relax in spite of imminent flood warnings. The Park was already half shut down, the lake was closed, the dog park was closed, it wasn’t advised to drive back the way I’d arrived which was fine with me I was happy to relax. Took the other road out in the morning back to Little Rock thinking I’d wait for the flood water to arrive, but after touring for awhile I realized how crazy this idea was so headed onward. I took more than a few detours thinking I could swing up north a bit as I’d loved the Ozarks. Turns out North was not a good direction to go although I passed through some interesting and somewhat deserted lands, I finally got it, saw the light, actually I got thoroughly scared by the ominous weather, the news and warnings from friends and found a Walmart to settle into. I worried all night as I often did on this trip.

The flood waters beginning to come in near the downtown Little Rock. Although I was curious I didn’t stick around to see how high over the banks the flood would reach.

Walking with the dogs in Little Rock. We get a lot of attention.
Found a public river access off the highway for a quick swim, flooded of course. I decided to let the dogs cool off but kept them on leash close to me. The river was moving fast and hard.
Yep, another Walmart.
When I Walmart, I drive over, check it out, esp approximately the location I will return to , what side of the Parking Lot, who else might be there, then I head to a nearby park, I feed the dogs, we all go for a walk, I stay until after dark enjoying the peace, the birds, the wind in the trees then I head for my sleeping spot. This Park I came back to in the morning.
Dallas, I think. Too much traffic to stop given that I was running from Bad Weather. I’ve been to Dallas but didn’t stay long that time either.
Crossing the Bridge
Fort Worth Water Gardens.
. My dogs are kinda disgusted at me right here. It’s very hot out, I lead them to water and then what do I do!!!! Do I let them jump in and cool off, play and show those humans how it’s done? Nope, I obey those no swimming and do not enter the water, signs I see all over. You might not see it this photo, but they were majorly telling me off. Mason did not jump up on this ledge and frankly hot as it was, he did not want to go swimming!
Meal from The Black Rooster Cafe, Fort Worth’s Premiere Cafe & Bakery. Yummy for me and the dogs.
Forth Worth Museums
“Masterpieces abound in the museums of the Fort Worth Cultural District, located a few miles west of downtown. This is, without question, one of the finest collections of museums in America. In a single, park-like setting, you can span virtually the entire history of art, from priceless antiquities to Impressionist milestones to modern artworks. It’s a wonderful place to find inspiration, broaden your horizons and spend some quality time with your family.
The Cultural District is also home to the Will Rogers Memorial Center one of the top equestrian show facilities, Dickies Arena the new home of the Annual Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo and the acclaimed theater, Casa Mañana.
Near the Cultural District, explore nature’s masterpieces at the Fort Worth Botanic GardensThe Fort Worth Zoo and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, or go jogging or biking along the river in Trinity Park. Explore the Fort Worth Cultural District by foot as all five museums are within walking distance or pick up a bike at one of the many Fort Worth Bike Sharing stations along the way. “
Next visit I will plan more time to see all these museums. The museums don’t open until after noon by which time it’s too hot to leave a pet in an RV and esp not in a car; maybe a good time for a pet sitter.
OK, anyone want to tell me why this is needed! If those that fish here are this silly they can’t tell it’s flooded are they are they really going to read and pay any attention to these signs? Yep it was flooded with more flood water on the way. Just gazing down the short path to the raging river was scary enough for me.
Mark Twain reads to my dogs on Trinity Park Drive overlooking the Trinity River, he’s reading to us from Huckleberry Finn.
Forth Worth is home to 70 miles of dog-friendly trails, more than 60 rover-friendly restaurants, 45+ pet-friendly hotels, 10 bark-friendly breweries and 4 designated dog parks and attractions.
Guess What? Flooded! Was actually hysterical, as I asked if I could camp here overnight; all the facilities along with all the nearby campgrounds I’d had in mind to stay at were underwater. Sure, the host at this little dirt parking area told me, I could stay just give her $25 cash. I moved on, went up the road to the free Walmart with a dry and lighted bathroom.
You see those trees and the buildings behind it, that’s the campground which includes a marina on the other side.
A few local folks were trying to fish here. It was so flooded I swear I thought I saw a gater out there. I did not let my dogs out of the van.
Water being let out on the backside of the flooded dam.
The river on the backside of the dam, moving fast and furious.
This is at the top of the dam down a short trail, it’s a boat ramp. There were a few boaters here and a handful of folks fishing in the water so I let the dogs go for a dip.
Another Walmart.
Nice view from my Walmart overnight.
I backed up to this nice view from my Walmart overnight.