I travel with my dogs in a 1996 Freedom Wide Leisure Travel Van built on the Dodge Ram 3500 Van. At 19.6 feet it contains everything I need. Rough on the road but maneuverable and comfy for camping.  In my early posts you can discover my crazy story of how I made the LTV road worthy.  Today everything works with diligent upkeep. Currently the van has 165,000 miles, I am the 3rd owner but the other 2 really didn’t maintain it.

Three of my dogs are Lagotto Romagnolo (the Italian Water Dog, truffle hunter): My queen and head of the tribe is Comes cordis Olympia along with 2 of her pup siblings, Flying Curls Jackson and Flying Curls Jeana. My little senior rescue is a very wise Chi-Pom mix named Mason.

I’m the only human on board, my partner and too many of my close long standing friends have passed too young and without warning so I travel solo. Grief and rage smacked dead on with emptiness and challenges into my stressed bit of existence. On the road I’ve found temporary friends, gracious strangers and a plethora of campers to share good times and stories. I meet women who say I inspire them, some would like to try a nomad life but think they can’t do what I do, but they can. I  struggle with dead ends, like a maze with no easy way to comfort, often more lost than found yet I love being on the road. You learn as you go and you have to start somewhere. Compassion and kindness is everywhere, the stunning beauty of rivers, mountains, oceans, wild places, small charming cities, art, science, all kinds of discoveries. I enjoy being alone, I didn’t know I would. I would enjoy someday traveling with others too. Caravaning is something I’d like to try.

My blog, Jamie and The Dogs, documents my travels. I update as I prepare for a journey, sharing the technical issues and solutions I’ve found as well as the road, places I travel to and my observations.  In a way this blog keeps me company.

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. . . best wishes from me and the dogs…. jamie rosenthal, olympia , mason, jeana & jackson

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