I travel with my dogs in a 1996 Freedom Wide Leisure Travel, built on the 1996 Dodge Ram 3500 Van; at 19.5 feet it contains everything needed. It’s highly maneuverable and super comfy. If you check my early posts you will learn the story of how I made the LT road worthy. It wasn’t in good shape when I bought it.   But today everything works and the LT runs great.

Three of my dogs are Lagotto Romagnolo (the truffle hunter):  Comes cordis Olympia,  Flying Curls Jackson and Flying Curls Jeana; my little one is a very wise rescue Terrier-Corgi mix named Mason.

People ask if I’m traveling alone even though they can see I’m the only human on board. I’m not alone, my dogs are companions and there are new and old friends, gracious strangers, a plethora of campers, RVers who share moments in camp, at a sidewalk cafe, along a beauteous trail and my readers here.  There are other women traveling  alone, I love meeting them. Sometimes I meet women who say I inspire them. I struggle, I hit dead ends, am lost more than found … Am searching for compassion and kindness, understanding of the world and to be in closer contact with rivers, mountains, places I’ve never been, experiences I haven’t had.  When I’m not traveling, I train dogs in nose work (scent work) and tracking, obedience, agility; I show dogs and work with art such as printmaking, writing, fused glass, colored pencil. I’m a trained mediator and believe in transformative collaboration. I still think it’s possible we can live in balance and work towards solving global issues.

My blog, Jamie and The Dogs, is intended to document my adventures and thoughts. I update as I prepare for a trip and as I travel. There’s a lot of info in here about my RV, places to camp, what I see, the state of the environment, stuff like that.

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Best to you all . . . ..

. . . best wishes from me and the dogs…. jamie rosenthal, olympia , mason, jeana & jackson

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