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Then there was Chico

The two things that make Olympia the happiest are Tennis Balls and Water!

Olympia at Bidwell Park

Olympia at
Bidwell Park

We got lucky I choose the right part of the Park

Dogs may be off leash from 5:30 AM until 8:30 AM in Lower Bidwell Park– All other times dogs must be on a leash. Along the north side of Upper Park Road, dogs may be “off leash” anytime. While “off leash”, dogs must remain under control via master’s voice. Dogs are not allowed in One-Mile or Five- Mile swimming areas, or swimming holes in Upper Park.

At least there were lots of other well behaved dogs hiking off leash and playing in the shoreline. BTW Olympia doesn’t chase the birds, only Tennis Balls! LOL

Swim, girl, swim

Swim, girl, swim

Happy Little Mason

Happy Little Mason

Mason at Bidwell Park, Chico

Mason Takes Over

MasonThis is me, Mason. Mom was busy in the big van that makes all the noise. She’s putting all the blankets back in there. Everytime we get in there I sit on the front seat and stare intently at her. Fluuzyflob of course has no reaction to the grumples, moans, rattles and bumps it makes… everyone tools along but I’ve seen the  curl to mommy’s lips so I keep my eyes GLUED to her face so I can be ready if she needs me.

Mason & Olympia

I'm teaching Olympia to watch out the window

I love jumping on the big bed in the back. That’s where I’m gonna sleep. Flyzflob can have her little crate. I’ve gota watch out the window. That’s my job–to protect Mommy!!!Olympia in the small crate

Before I found Mom life was different, I kept my head down between my paws.  So I can understand her. . .  you know what cheers her up? Putting my paw on her arm or chasing my tail real fast; it makes her laugh…  I’m gonna do that now. . . .

Then It’ll be time for a nap!