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Then there was Chico

The two things that make Olympia the happiest are Tennis Balls and Water!

Olympia at Bidwell Park

Olympia at
Bidwell Park

We got lucky I choose the right part of the Park

Dogs may be off leash from 5:30 AM until 8:30 AM in Lower Bidwell Park– All other times dogs must be on a leash. Along the north side of Upper Park Road, dogs may be “off leash” anytime. While “off leash”, dogs must remain under control via master’s voice. Dogs are not allowed in One-Mile or Five- Mile swimming areas, or swimming holes in Upper Park.

At least there were lots of other well behaved dogs hiking off leash and playing in the shoreline. BTW Olympia doesn’t chase the birds, only Tennis Balls! LOL

Swim, girl, swim

Swim, girl, swim

Happy Little Mason

Happy Little Mason

Mason at Bidwell Park, Chico

Heading South After New Year

Time to use my own links to find camping near Indio, CA. First stop The Kennel Club of Palm Springs dog show.

Amazingly 15 Lagotto Romagnolo entered!! This is our first AKC show .. . what a great show it will be!

Jan 5, 2013
Ring 30. Ring time 2:35 pm

Jan 6, 2013
Ring 9
12:35 pm


Dogs and the National Parks

Who said our pets don’t enjoy the spender?

Mason and Olympia taking in the Grand Teton from the parking lot

There are sound reasons from predation to disease, to general nuisance, to exclude canine (and human) exposure from the protected domain of wildlife and equally good reasons to restrict untrained and disrespectful “owners” from bad supervision of their pets. But the National Parks seem determined to alienate visitors with pets from recreational and esthetic enjoyment of the Parks. It seems an unnecessary irritation, perhaps the federal rule is to impose the hope that pet and owner will depart and never return. For example in the Grand Teton leashed dogs are allowed at the parking lots and on paved roads, but at overlooks there tends to be a very short paved path nicely marked with a dog symbol with a red line diagonally slashed through it. Lots of observers said, go ahead, no one’s watching but I choose to respect the little red slash. Dog and owner can watch buses packed with gum chewing, food spitting, foot tramping hordes, cameras in hand racing for the treat. The pet cannot by regulation remain within the vehicle, nor be tied or penned for even a moment in a safe and neutral location unattended, so one cannot enter that precious piece of tarred black surface to actually obtain the view or to go into a building. Oh look at all the nice cars and RVs, wow isn’t that an interesting pair of shoes along with a plethora of gear popping.

The Park kindly provides a map of “pet exercise” areas, i.e. parking lots and roads which if they ever existed no longer exist. I spent hours chasing down the designed roads without success…. Must have been one of those without a sign and nicely boarded and closed to traffic.

Dear National Park how about some compromise? Would it hurt to allow pets on paved and asphalted walkways around the bend to see the view? How about requiring vaccinations and canine good citizen certificates for dogs entering the park? Special leash and halter? How about providing one or two nice walks for visitors with pets? How about available (by the hour) pet sitting at the Lodge or at an easy access point as opposed to a list of distant kennels with the notes that these may have changed or no longer be in service.

Not all pets should visit National Parks, however there are increasing numbers of traveling dogs and cats too. . . some full-time, some part-time, oh yes and they come with their inquisitive humans.

My two canine visitors were widely photographed by happy tourists.

On another note we were walking on a paved road alone (no one walks on those except pet owners) and I was thinking, what if there was a bear around here….. I turned to look behind me pretending that there might be such a creature and there he was! My dogs freaked, they’d never seen a bear; they decided running fast in the direction of the LT where we’d parked was a good idea. I held tight and made myself look big, waving my arms with clamped leashes attached and banged my water bottle on my thigh further disturbing the dogs for good effect. The bear didn’t think much of the commotion and ambled back into the brush. It took much longer for my two to calm down.

A moment when the smoke lifted!

Play time at camp in Idaho


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Paws in the Air

Mason did his happy dance this morning over his breakfast! So good to see him joyful. . . he played with Olympia and me. He was so sick I might have lost him. Olympia was hiding under my desk chair and feeling neglected. Now we can get back to a test drive. . . .  and another romp. . .

Santa Barbara City College

Last week – playing at the college

Olympia taking in the view


Really we don’t know how Mom does stuff without us. For example, me, Olympia, I’m the one who finds the lost keys. If they’re on the ground I step on em. There’s a button that makes a noise, I just put my paw on that over and over and wallah then we can go! Mason’s the serious one, always watching and encouraging and telling Mom where to stop and all. But now that we’re home, oh sure, it’s good to see our usual haunts, but we’re getting fat and lazy.

This is great place to curl up... just the right size and no one's going anywhere without me!

It’s A Dogs World

Traveling alone I can do what I want even if I don’t know what that is. Of course the dogs have an opinion but I can veto their choice. We have a system. What’s really cute is how excited they get when I stop and give them the, “let’s go”  signal. Heck It’s probably a roadside viewpoint, where they stand around while I gawk at something far over their head or on the other side of a wall, but they don’t care. When they’re not going they take turns in the driver’s seat guarding the LT till I get back. When I pull into a campsite or a nice RV park (and it has to be a nice one, Mason knows the difference,) it’s like a big jackpot for the day, tails a wagging, heads at the window, shinning happy eyes–makes me feel special–like I did something wonderful. Then we go for our walkabout and I just know those two are telling everyone how they get to go everywhere and are treated like royalty along the way. Today, though, they had a fight, their first one. It was over two big milk bones I had broken into four pieces that someone had given me for the dogs when I was lost. She was giving me directions. The dogs don’t usually like milk bones and I don’t blame ’em. I thought they’d probably let them sit there. Instead I heard extreme growing, snarling, my darlings were looking like they wanted to kill each other. I was furious. There will be peace in our little home. I scared them both (and me) telling them quite loudly that in actuality I was the one who makes all the decisions including who should eat what. The two of them were shocked to see me so riled up. They were both shaking but I ignored it. A half-hour later we were all friends again. Hope they remember who’s boss.

Round, Green and Bouncy

Tennis ball, tennis ball,

tennis ball, teNNIS baLL,  oh….what’s this….

PINE CONE…. pine cone, pine cone,

tennis ball, pine cone, tennis ball!

Here we are getting our picture taken by the nice mural in Leavenworth WA….. the shops weren’t so dog friendly but everyone on the street said hi to us…… yes…. am still thinking about TB’s and PC’s…A dog we met, Mocha, has tennis balls all over her house!!!!!!!  What a great place that was!!!

They put this down low just for us!

Skunked of course

Just applied a fresh dose of flea treatment, which I now had to wash off. It was little Mason taking on the world—the skunk was probably bigger than him. There will be another bath tomorrow, in the daytime.

Mason Takes Over

MasonThis is me, Mason. Mom was busy in the big van that makes all the noise. She’s putting all the blankets back in there. Everytime we get in there I sit on the front seat and stare intently at her. Fluuzyflob of course has no reaction to the grumples, moans, rattles and bumps it makes… everyone tools along but I’ve seen the  curl to mommy’s lips so I keep my eyes GLUED to her face so I can be ready if she needs me.

Mason & Olympia

I'm teaching Olympia to watch out the window

I love jumping on the big bed in the back. That’s where I’m gonna sleep. Flyzflob can have her little crate. I’ve gota watch out the window. That’s my job–to protect Mommy!!!Olympia in the small crate

Before I found Mom life was different, I kept my head down between my paws.  So I can understand her. . .  you know what cheers her up? Putting my paw on her arm or chasing my tail real fast; it makes her laugh…  I’m gonna do that now. . . .

Then It’ll be time for a nap!