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It is not easy to travel a la solo with pets, esp not 2 or 3 high energy sporting dogs and 1 senior not high energy, doesn’t like to get his feet wet or walk on oh, so many different surfaces, dog. Two of my “tough” pawslinger gang are ball crazy and will do anything to get me to throw for them long and often. One dog likes to pull the lead to see if that shoulder of mine will dislocate, another likes to tangle everyone, one wants to be carried, another is fond of 2 am potty walks, none of them wash their feet and oh, they all agree rolling and rubbing their coats thoroughly in un-nameable gunk is heaven. Sure I could stuff them all into crates and only let them out when I spot a clean perfect romping spot with no stickers, no bugs, no mud, no cars or trucks, no other dogs and none of those ‘no dogs allowed’ signs…  or better, I could uncover a fortune tucked under my mattress and  afford a nice new climate controlled, generator free motorhome that keeps the interior temperature perfect all on its own and that is easy-peasy to drive. Maybe one of those driverless ones so I could take a break once in a while and relax like my canines do.  Can you imagine getting up hills without fretting that everything’s going blow, not cringing at every dip and scrape,  jarring and banging, scarring the dogs, scaring me.  The dogs give me bad looks when the road gets rough, they can tremble and shake.

And what gives with the lack of shade in parking lots!  Really steams me that the little, if  any, shade that there might be is commandeered by luxury sedans or convertibles, anything but a pet car. Don’t those motorists know our pets are not permitted to come inside like the rest of us are? Those left behind NEED SHADE!  The non inhabited empty car does not need shade, cars don’t overheat with the engine off but I guess most motorists have yet to discover this amazing fact?  I’ve been known to troll a parking lot up to 1/2 hr trying to vie a shady spot to run in and get a meal or some groceries, let alone a museum, at least I have my own on-board toilet, an amazing blessing as you often can’t take your dogs to a restroom, not to mention even walking on the grass at a reststop.

Yes, I know there are plenty of awful dog-people who don’t clean up and let their pets engage in all the annoying and obnoxious behaviors that I’m guessing they’d really like to do themselves if they could get away with it. It’s a dog, PEOPLE, a dog, not a wild beast that cannot learn to fit in. Don’t know how to teach anything to a dog?  No Problem, get yourself a stuffed one. Don’t know or care about camping ethics, not sure how to use a trash can, too difficult to figure out how a leash works (and no it’s not a pull rope,)  get yourself a nice dog app on the playstore. And for goodness sake my dogs are not lonely and have no interest in your “friendly” scoundrel racing towards us at top speed, esp one off-leash or on a 20 foot retractable (trip) line to say, Hello?”Really? Invest in a text on dog-to-dog communication and what is a normal (non predatory) way to say hello, and if you can’t read or comprehend all that the very least have your dog go to school with a professional trainer. Mandatory schooling for dogs, not a bad idea, including potty and social manners. Oh I get it, they are dogs, they love to run and tear about, chase things, bring things back, bark, etc…  mine are nowhere near perfect but that’s my job to help them, to remind them, to keep them in line. It’s not easy to travel with your pets. It takes diligence.

A younger shot of the gang before a previous trip.

Here’s a few general guidelines for RVing with one or with multiple dogs…  kinda off the top of my head so not inclusive, just what comes to mind. .

  1. Bring water from home or provide bottled water. The water at location may be perfect for you but differing mineral contents can easily give your dog the runs.
  2. Don’t forget the canine first aid kit, including a cold pack, stuff for disinfecting and bandaging, tick puller, itch lotion, flea comb, meds, nail trimmers, bathing items, warming blanket, cooling pad, hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin, hydrocortosone, I like TZON pet skin care. I always carry stomach pills like Pepcid AC (Famotidine) , Pepto Bismal, Tums or Kaopectate, Pedialyte, saline eye wash, Benadryl, vet wrap, activated charcoal, Vit C (I also keep Colloid Silver,) ginger for travel sickness, Swimmer Ear, deodorizing shampoo, a muzzle, some paw balm, a little oil like olive oil for getting out fox tails, scissors and wraps and whatever else your pet needs.  A hair dryer is a good idea for warming up a cold pet or drying out a soggy one and whatever you use for parasite control and on this trip am bringing apple cider vinegar and cedarwood oil to help make my dogs (and me) unappetizing to ticks.
  3. Teach your pet to come when you call, to stay and to wait. Also teach quiet, leave it, instruct on where to potty and no your dogs do not need to sniff and poop and pee on everything,
  4. Carry pooper bags and clean up. Leave every place cleaner than you found it.  I also bring a rake for those camp sites that are too dirty for my dogs and I clean before I let my dogs out.
  5. Monitor the temperature in your camper…  not too hot, not too cold.
  6. Always provide water and make sure they are drinking enough.
  7. Don’t leave your dogs sitting around barking and howling all day.
  8. Maintain a respectful distance from other pets, children or really anyone unless they specifically ask to pet your dog or if their dog can meet yours and you like the way their dog is behaving.
  9. Nope, they don’t get to chase wildlife, there are lots of other ways to have fun.
  10. Don’t leave your dogs in your camper, tied to a stake or in your hotel room to bark and bark and bark, get a pet sitter. You can train them to wait more or less quietly as long as you don’t abandon them while you’re out having fun.
  11. Keep them on a SHORT leash when in crowded places, A 3 or 4 foot leash is ideal. teach them to sit or lay down when you stop somewhere. Under the table is a great place when you stop for a meal.
  12. Be mindful of things that scare your dog. a calm dog is a happy dog and a happy camper.
  13. Make sure they do have fun. Take them swimming, for a run, let them explore, take a long walk or a hike with them everyday. Establish a routine that everyone likes including a way to keep your space clean and comfortable.

You wouldn’t think putting new tires on an old motorhome would cause a crumbling of the vehicle’s foundation, would you? Or new brake pads? Vehicles of infinite sizes, shapes and purposes have this done and they zoom off, owners pay, service rendered, everyone’s happy. But what happens when you have a vehicle serviced and other components clamor to get in on the fix-me, replace-me bandwagon? The weakest gets replaced and the domino effect begins: bing-bang-clang…. things fail, need to be redone; mechanics can’t agree, dollars go flying and the weary RV’er gets headaches.  Sure, of course, there are many potentially worse outcomes than being at home, one could be camped in a dive in the grasp of greedy rip-off mechanics waiting to drain every penny; or in the path of a tornado, hurricane, mosquitoes, alligators, snakes, floods, fires, all kinds of things can happen; this is why it’s important to avoid being stranded wondering how long your food and water will last and how much confinement the dogs can take. I am counting my blessings and “trying”to be patient. . . hint-hint. . . I’m fed up sitting at the rim of the road wondering when my little RV will feel like traveling.


This is what I think is going on, the old tires which I replaced were “grooved” into the system.  They had settled into the suspension.  The ride, while not perfect was sufficient. I’d fought a battle back 6 years ago when I’d replaced the cracked tries. What I went through to get the RV road worthy took a long time. Not everything was optimal and there were many frustrations, eventually however; after thousands of miles and adventures, all was manageable. Changing tires once again stirred everything up. New tires can be a nightmare, I didn’t realize that. In fact Tru Line has advised that the best fix now is to drive for a good 3,000 miles and let all the new stuff settle i; if I’m still not happy with the steering gearbox they will replace it again!  You see, last week Tru Line replaced the factory refurbished steering box they had installed as a gesture of goodwill, no charge. So now the LT is on its second new steering gear box. It does seem the steering wheel is straight now, but handling is not great, it’s just different, a challenge. (Of course the mechanic at Fairview Brake and Motor had told me the 1st replaced steering gear box had to replaced again as it was no good!  I don’t think he would approve of the this second “new” one either.  Oh and to add to the confusion Bruce had told me it wasn’t worth replacing the steering gear box as that rarely fixes the trouble anyway….   everyone has a different opinion and I thought mechanics was straight forward!) 

I’ve ordered what may either be worse than useless or may be a wonder, depending on which mechanic I talk to: Bill at Tru-Line says it will solve everything and Eric at Fairview says it will make everything worse although neither of these mechanics were familiar with this product until I showed it to them.  Dodge Ram Steering Gear Box Stabilizer.  This device is intended to eliminate steering box play and reduce steering wander. It will go on in a few days.

When it was at Tru-Line they discovered a brake pull. This is something new….  it’s significant at freeway speeds and I need to have that checked out. Of course when it was previously (only a few days before going back to Tru-Line) checked at Fairview there was no brake pull at all.

For some good news, the air seems to be completely out of the front brakes…  I absolutely DO NOT recommend allowing Tire-Pros to work on your brakes, they are fine for buying tires but nothing else!  The reason Tire Pro’s allowed air into the front brakes while they were changing the front brake pads was because as they said, “Your vehicle is old.”  No kidding that’s what they said! Tire Pro’s also said, when I took it back for the second time scared out of my wits when the brake pedal hit the floor, “Well, your vehicle is heavy, you can’t expect it to stop like a normal car.”  OH MY!!!!   I repeat Tire Pros, fine buy your tires there, but PLEASE never let them touch your brakes.  They also missed an extremely obvious item, the rotors!  I’d only taken the vehicle to Tire Pro’s to have the front tires switched and I should have stuck to that and had someone else look at the brake pads…. When I took it back to Fairview Brake and Motors to find out what was going on with the new brake pads I learned that Tire Pros completely missed the vital fact that the rotors are worn, too thin, shiny and past due and need to be replaced.


Okay if this is confusing I don’t blame you….  back and forth and back and forth…. I think the score is something like, 3 or 4 times  to Tire Pro, 2 times to Fairview Brake and Motor, 3 times to Tru Line (out-of-town) and now I’m going full circle and will be going back to Bruce for the 3rd time.  And this doesn’t include the visits to Costco and anywhere else I left out.

How I spent my Summer Vacation….  Ok so it’s not summer yet.  Can You Believe it!!!  Ring Around the Mechanics…  over and over….  Still asking, Why!   Will be on the road with a bunch of muddy paws soooooooooon ….  maybe?


One last comment, I weighed the RV and fully loaded with me and my dogs and all my gear, a full tank of gas and water, it is close but still under, maximum load. This is great news however I am certain having personal knowledge of the prior owners that they overloaded the RV on a regular basis. I don’t know how one would check for something like this in purchasing a used RV…  maybe just ask how many people travel in the vehicle. These little motorhomes with single rear wheels are only meant for 2 people of normal weight.  Newer Class B’s have dual wheels in the rear but I have read of others, esp Sprinters having handling problems.

Soul Coughing- “Circles”

Sh …. Hopeful

Can you believe it, yesterday I decided to have the front tires swapped right to left and the tire shop spotted how my front brake pads were almost worn away!   Why no one noticed or told me???  I’m not one of those that likes to drive until they hear metal on metal…  I did that when I was young.  I did a lot of things when I was young, like driving all night and all day that I really have no intent of doing now. So I’ve decided that nothing else is going to go amiss. I’m ready to see something other than repair shops!


Here’s some bottom side photos of my RV…  getting know what’s down there!

No, I don't know what was leaking. Took this shot as Bruce was finishing the air spring repair.

No, I don’t know what was leaking. Took this shot as Bruce was finishing the air spring repair.

Visit to Tru-Line in VAn Nuys. Wish this place was closer!  Happy little RVs getting tender care.

Visit to Tru-Line in Van Nuys. Wish this place was closer! Happy little RVs getting tender care.

Look Ma, no tires!

Look Ma, no tires!

The line up at the park.

The line up at the park.


And for Earth DAy:  Remember Only You Can Protect Our Planet!!!

Climate Change Song

Inang Bayan Theme Song About Climate Change. Time To Act Now!

Different But is it drivable?

If in my wildest fancy I might have believed that installing brand new tires (now 2 different sets) and new shocks to my very recalcitrant LT would have caused such motoring misery  I could have just left her shoeless. I surmise that it is tires and not the shocks, just like shoes that do not fit right, which are causing my vehicle to  spirit about so funny and odd. I get in my car and weep at how easily it follows the road but my recalcitrant one suffers. The air helper springs are repaired, and as of yesterday the steering gear box has been replaced and I think, the alignment was corrected (again) and the steering wheel trued, at least I think it has been done. I took the LT down to Tru-Line in Van Nuys twice; very long days with intense traffic there and back.  This morning I’m canceling another $125 appointment to have the alignment (and recently noticed intermittent brake pull) checked (again) at a local shop.  I’ve decided to just start driving Ms Recalcitrant around town and seeing if I can used to whatever it is my motorhome thinks is straight ahead driving  …  can I leave town with her or not? Still undetermined.

I am not feeling at all renewed. I do have inflamed mosquito bites….  I am quite allergic to them which are very itchy although my ankle is returning to normal; those came from my backyard but it doesn’t feel like I’m camping.  The First Lagotto Romagnolo National Specialty appears to have been a great success and a ton of fun with close to 50 Lagotti in attendance!  Bravo! So wish I could have been there.  Perhaps next year.  Perhaps later, perhaps another time.

Well, its early morning…. perhaps, maybe, possibly I might be able to go somewhere in the RV sometime soon …  inconclusive and unknown.


OK, one more thing to try…  swapping the 2 front tires…   will try that. Tru-Line suggested it in case there’s any tire pull. Of course if I was in Van Nuys they’d take care of it for me, they are a very nice shop; but it’s too hard to return.

I had a lot of fun planning this trip, had a lot of fun too modifying my RV and sprucing up my ride, getting the dogs ready for their Big Show but it seems I’m on one of those labyrinth type mazes with inner islands. I need to find something to leave on the path so I won’t keep getting stuck in dead-end loops. Need to find the path that doesn’t have the dead ends, but it’s not simple as the way I’m heading is hard to see and all too often virtually invisible until it’s behind me. Given enough time the route fuzzes into a distant memory that is almost forgotten until that untimely moment of recurrence. That’s where I am now, again.  My recalcitrant RV is not going anywhere, not just yet at least.  I had to cancel attending the Lagotto Romagnolo National Specialty. When I canceled of course I realized how much I was really looking forward to the experience; the event is not only a first for my breed but a first for me, or would have been. I love to be part of things, esp something special but I’ve been on this path before as well and it leads to an even larger dead-end, a sink hole with pangs of feeling bad and an inner voice that starts criticizing my own failings (real or imagined) and blaming unknown forces, so I have to get off and backtrack to the last non-dead end  , then turn and go in another direction, preferably one I’ve not traveled before.  So, what comes next?   Here’s Jeana thinking about this for me.

Flying Curls Jeana, Lagotto Romagnolo

Flying Curls Jeana on the bench after a muddy run in the rain.


However just for kicks or to indulge me ….  I want to do something with the plans I drafted even though this trip is cancelled. (This is the 1st time I’d done this complete with overnight spots and not just a general direction) Below is what part one of my roadtrip was to have been ….  remember the object was my renewal, finding the Specialty was a stop along the way. I wanted to be in places I’d never experienced and let the environment, the creatures, the people, whatever occurred wash over me. In case I never mention it again part two was a big loop around Florida, including the Everglades and down to Key West and part three was heading north from the Keys and eventually back to home.

There are a ton of planning tools out there including Map ‘N Go which a friend recommends.  I tried a lot of  the free ones and one available to me because I’m a member of different groups but finally settled on these main three…  all of which are free and can be assessed from both my desktop or laptop computer and my cellphone.

  1. Roadtrippers
  2. Free Campsites
  3. RV Parks Review

Part 1:  Santa Barbara to Perry, Georgia

Screenshot of Part 1 of my trip (Santa Barbara, CA to Perry Georgia) on Roadtrippers

Screenshot of Part 1 of my trip (Santa Barbara, CA to Perry Georgia) on Roadtrippers

OK, you get the idea, can’t seem to make this sharp or any larger. Roadtrippers allows the user to plug in stops …  what to see, where to camp, what kinds of attractions you’re interested in, points of interest, where to eat even; it also allows specific searches near your route, in my case dog parks.
I think this link will work to demonstrate Part 1   and the stops and sites to see including the Center of the World…  someday I’ll make it to that sign!. There is a limit on how many points you can save, so I found it best to make several separate trips or trip sections.
Here’s an overview of the day to day overnights with the use of the 2 campsite links provided above and Roadtrippers

Day 1
Leave from Santa Barbara and stop to visit with my Mom
Continue on I-5, to the 805 to CA 8. (I’d not been this way before)
I’d planned to fee camp at the Sycuan Casino in El Cajon. Just check in with security and park on the hill.

Day 2
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument …  kind of long drive but looked like a fun place with space to walk the dogs and a great deal with a Senior Federal Park Pass.

Day 3
Tour the Park, then AZ- 86 E to 10 to Butterfield RV Resort And Observatory

Day 4
I didn’t see anywhere in Las Cruces and definitely not El Paso that seemed safe to spend the night but I found a place half-way in between: El Paso West RV Park,  $28

Something to see of interest if you like history as I do, in the area: San Elizario, Texas  El Paso also has an art museum, actually several and a transportation museum I would have liked to visit … well, there seem to be a lot of interesting things there…  even a National Border Patrol Museum and the Hotel where Pancho Villa, President Taft, and “Blackjack Pershing stayed.  Of course I like Mexico and I think this town would be a fun hit of Mexico without crossing the border.

Day 5
Marathon Motel & RV Park  for bird and butterfly viewing, astronomy and their adobe courtyard. $35 minus discount.   If one planned far enough ahead they could stay at Seminole Canyon State Park …  seems you’d need to watch a video to stay here about not destroying the Indian rock Art, takes advanced reservations.  Maybe when I can do this kinda of trip I could do that, $20.

Day 6
Check out Lake Amistad..  then maybe Quiet Texas RV Park, in Hondo for the night…  shade, quiet and lots of songbirds.

Day 7 – 8
San Antonio and Austin
I had a few places in mind including some free boondocking, but likely I would have shopped around.
All kinds of things to see and adventures to be had and a great off leash area to run with the dogs.

Day 9
Check out Lake Charles, Louisiana …  another long drive boondock or stay in the  Pioneer Acadian Village Campground and RV Park $32 minus Good Sam Discount.

Day 10
Baton Rouge and Gulfport

Day 11
Montgomery, AL  another long day of driving
Sherling Lake Park   maybe or Montgomery South RV Park

Day 12
Arrive in Perry Georgia
Room reserved for one night at the host hotel and campgrounds in the area.

Interestingly there are lots of videos on Youtube of touring locations and driving on roads, those are fun to check out.  I did quite a bit of that looking at bridges and choices of smaller highways and scenic byways, those are the roads I prefer; take it easy and see what’s away from the interstates.

And that was it folks!  Originally I planned to take 14 days to arrive for the dog show but as time kept ticking and the RV kept snarling I had to shorten…    Thanks for briefly imagining this trip with me. When I go this way I will remember  this virtual trip but for now I don’t know what will be next.


Long Way From Georgia

Seems I’m always learning something new with my 1996 Freedom Wide Leisure Travel. Before it came to me in 2010 it was not well cared for, it was clean but neglected although well used with lots of miles;  perhaps this has had much to do with the care it’s needed in my hands. There is also living in Santa Barbara, CA. Our town does not have a local RV shop nor even a shop able to handle a small Class B on a lift. Having Bruce’s Auto is a lucky blessing and it’s back to Bruce we will go tomorrow this time as the Firestone Ride-Rite Motorhome Air Springs have sprung a leak! It’s likely a handy mechanical type could fix these themselves but given the age of the springs and my RV it could be a simple fitting or a new hose or the air shocks themselves could be failing.

The springs reduce suspension fatigue, improve the ride, reduce bottoming out by lifting the rear leveling the vehicle, soften contact between axle and frame, assist braking and handling and increases stability esp in cross winds. 

Without the springs it’s a hard ride. I generally keep them between 60 to 90 psi.

The Michelin XPS Ribs are installed and Costco completely refunded my purchase of the MS/2s.  With only a few test drives and the air springs failing results are still inconclusive. Next step is to reduce the air pressure in the tires; I’d tried a higher pressure of 80 in the rear and almost 60 in the front and will now lower this a few pounds in the rear to 50 or 55 in the front by experimentation. Also need to verify the alignment is still spot on; one step at a time.

It may be that I will not make the Lagotto Romagnolo 1st National Specialty on April 17th in Perry Georgia. It is  questionable if I will want to push to make the date.  (Planned departure was March 29th but now unknown.)  My prefered driving is leisurely and exploratory. Life has been mired in forced change and what I want is renewal. I am heavily disappointed with the struggle…  feeling it in aches and pains, short temper and mental exhaustion ….  yes, yes …..  another RV must be in my future and someday I will laugh at my adventures with the my little ’96.

Below the little dots in the middle of the page is what I wrote before, I’m gonna leave it. Today as I wake I’m tired and achy and still anxious. I don’t see how I’m going to go on this trip as things are going so slowly. I did get my new tires, finally!  There was so much confusion on the process, they arrived, they didn’t arrive, they arrive…  well maybe not. It seems Costco lost my tires (or they were swiped?) and so had to send a different set. I dragged my housemate up at a very early hour to have them mounted only to find out the tires were missing in action. Anyway they are on my RV now. Hope I like them; they do look nice.  Of course since I changed something in the delicate and queasy ability of my RV to track the road, that will be a fight again…<sigh>

The Door Panel: for now the tires are inflated with nitrogen exactly as stated.

The Door Panel: for now the tires are inflated with nitrogen exactly as stated. 55 Front, 80 rear.

Still waiting for that silly bit of lace to finish the curtain lining….  see below. Monday the RV goes to my mechanic, Bruce’s Auto, I hope he can do a lot, if not most of the things on my list as it’s beginning to look like other things just won’t get done. I’ve already shortened the length of my trip as well…..  ok, so I’m leaving it open. I SO WISH I could have found an affordable upgrade to my ride and “home” ..  I was dreaming of smooth power, ease of driving, a bathroom with a shower that is all contained, an awning, a quieter motor, a cooler interior, a vehicle that stays in its lane, a happier me, happier dogs….   not to be. Not without giving up too much of my funds and facing the unknown with approaching zero resources.

My phone updated to the new Marshmallow system….  it burns my fingers when I use it. Verizon jacked up my monthly bill by about $27 or so a month, all for the pleasure of rapid battery draining and burnt fingers. I have a grandfathered unlimited plan but Verizon still found a way to mess with those of us that have hung on to a bit less wallet draining or data limiting plan than they currently offer. I will have to tack on another $25 a month to be able to use it to post on the Internet as a hot spot while I travel and another $5 if I need to call out of country.  Ok, what else can I complain about. Ordered a new diamond cutting blade for my ring saw which I need to finish the fused glass dogs that I hope to take with me on this trip. I was cut by a flying piece of exploding glass in my glass class…  I’m fine but it was scary.   I’ve yet to have time or inclination to begin another CP (colored pencil) drawing, and I’m supposed to give one away to my breed club for the raffle…  that may not happen….  ergo the fused glass dogs as substitute.

And don’t even start with troubles with my beloved animal companions. I finally broke down and ordered a vibration e-collar…    Will post later on results and who I wind up taking with me.

I’ve been struggling to understand automobile bluetooth radios….  don’t like the one the audio shop offered to sell and install..  the buttons are so tiny I couldn’t use them even if they were close enough to use and the readout cannot be seen in daylight….   combine that with my burning cell phone and big bills and hopefully I’ll be able to talk hands free and listen to audiobooks, and internet music….  If it happens?  I also could use a new laptop but I can see I’ve reached that age where technology is moving faster than I can understand. Please send me a newer RV all nicely equipped and ready to go!!!

I think the lace may show up today. Will wash my hair and take the dogs out to  play, then back to work.


This is the Post I didn’t Get Posted

Time is moving at a fast pace. From Halloween to the middle of January, time was marked with migraines with aura accompanied by heartbeats that would occur so fast, a days worth of them fit into a few hours leaving the remainder of the day floating in a strange region of distortion.  Now there is much to do, I’m pushing hard, like a race; sometimes exhilarated, other times fearful.

I’m shocked that’s it’s been 9 … 10 days… and the curtains are still lying neatly folded in the living room. After a search I re-found the video with the technique to attach the lining….  here it is:  RV Stuff – Keeping RV Cool in Summer Heat Project   Thank you Wander Dano for posting this! Of course I’d forgotten this video the day I scurried to Michaels for supplies. What a good camper I was carefully measuring the lining and testing the fabric glue; yep the solarizing material glues nicely to itself; however it does not glue to the curtains! Instead it soaks through the curtain material and leaves stains! Ok I got that off and attempted at random: straight pins, nope, makes big holes: riveting tool, I’ll just say no: safety pins … hummmm  just couldn’t get those lined up right with the pleats, hole punch to put something in the liner to hang it… no, no. no. . I came up with all kinds of ideas using ribbon, duck tape, velcro, taking the mess up to Lee’s for her to do the sewing….    I’m terrible at sewing. I’m sure I could learn but I’ve reached saturation, at least for the moment.   Many many thanks to Jacqueline for your insight and great ideas, you were right on btw! 

Failed attempt to get the lining on. Now waiting for the binding lace.

Failed attempt to get the lining on. Now waiting for the binding lace.

After rewatching the video I ordered 1.5 inch lace which I will glue onto the lining and then hang it into the curtain hooks and train the pleats (just like the video says) with paperclips and clothespins. Tried to pick up this simple item in Santa Barbara, but there are no functioning fabric stores remaining in our city. I went to Art From Scrap and found some fun tiny little containers which I will use for my K9 Nose Work students as soon as they are ready for the  challenge. Meanwhile I was hit with an outbreak of Thoracic Outlet pain (I’m not fooled by that anymore…  it’s not a heart attack stealing sharp angry from my chest and mid back down into my fingers which paralyze… days earlier it was my foot feeling like it was broken at the instep, then up into my ankle. I don’t know what’s wrong with my body, I’m used to it so I ignore it as much as possible. Intense pain occurs randomly to my shoulders, thoracic vertebrae, ribs, hips, knees, ankles, wrists, fingers, feet….  so it’s not everywhere…  oh and my eyes and ears and breathing. It’s background, like visual snow which I also am plagued with, body static. I do get very scared at times. I miss the ones who are gone that I loved…  some dead, some alive but gone. I not only found great joy in knowing them, but I relied on them. I meet women that tell me how brave I am…  let me tell you I am in no way brave…  stubborn, yes, brave… ha! Brave means you have to put on a tough face and take it….  I’m not capable of that. I type complaints to my new besty and to my amazement she graciously types back encouragements and never reproach or the adamation  to be brave.  If you find yourself suffering don’t fall for that nonsense.  Do something about it. My rule is to do 3 things to help myself feel better at any given time. If it doesn’t work it’s off the list and find something else to try. By experimentation I’ve found things that might help, it isn’t necessarily the obvious. Then I ignore it, sorta. I’m not going into details, you wouldn’t want to know.  As my mother will say about me, “I’m glad I’m not you.,” and my favorite, “I don’t’ have any suggestions for you.”  I don’t mind being me though, actually it’s perfect and although I suffer I’m happy being me.

Darn that silly sewing lace is not here yet. Wed morning brand new tires at Costco! They say it will take 2 hours to install them and since my vehicle is big I need to be there very early, radio next, then my mechanic.

I’m very tired, have been waking about 6 am but there’s so much to do. …  tomorrow will work on the fused glass dogs I’m making and get them into the kiln at glass class.

Something to sing next time you’re on a mountain herding Livestock!
Vallåtar från gammelboning (Swedish kulning)

Very Brief Update

The curtains are clean, soft, smell good and have retained their perfect pleats with no ironing needed.

I went to Michael’s yesterday to try to find fabric glue since I don’t sew and all our fabric and craft stores are gone except the big chain store. Hope I got the right product and can figure out how to get the liner on and looking spiffy.   This is what they had:  Liquid Stitch Original, Stitchless Sewing. Will post when it’s done.


I decided to clean the accordion pleated blue curtains that came stock in my RV. Who knows how long since they had been cleaned? I’d long shied away from this task even after I’d spilled some nasty brown something on them. After all who could see them but me. It was the pleats that scared me. I don’t iron and if I do I’m more likely to burn and scorch than to produce a nice crisp looking result. I’d checked with my mom about this and it was she who said, yes, I could try to take them to the dry cleaner but they likely would not do them and if they did they would cost a bundle or might be damaged. Who knows what to expect from 20-year-old curtains?

RV Curtains

I have a project in mind for these curtains. I’m going to line them with Solarize Insulating Thermal Barrier Fabric  (the stuff’s not cheap but my goal is to keep the interior of my RV cooler for my dogs.) I saw this done on a video and it doesn’t look too hard. I don’t sew but I think I can glue them on with some fabric glue…. seems only right to clean them first.  I looked up dry cleaners that did sewing repairs but then I read comments from other RVers that had simply put them in the washing machine.  Well, okay.  I’m not brave enough to try that in the old machine here that chunks up holes my clothes. I decided to hand wash them. Here’s what I did:

  1.  Get the dogs out of the bathtub. My Lagotti Romagnoli are certain about many things in life, esp the puppies who were born here. They know that when I pull the shower curtain way back it’s time to jump in the bathtub and look cute. In they went. They were not happy when I scooted them out and closed the door. Definitely some nasty looks from Jeana.
  2. Lay the curtain with the horrible stains that had been heat setting for months very gingerly into the bathtub and wet the curtain thoroughly with cool water. Add a bit of,  All Fresh and & Sensitive Dye Free, gentle on the skin stainlifter detergent that had been sitting in my van for who knows how long into a cup with a little of my favorite stain fighter, Soilove in the green bottle and mix with cold water. Pour delicately onto the curtain and swish, swish……  it helps if you sing while you do it…. swish swish, away goes the dirt, in comes the suds, no $200 dry clean for me, for me ….   well, you can make up your own song.  I was expecting reams of dirt. Whenever I wash my dogs no matter how clean they look brown scuss floats into the water as I add soap; it’s kinda like they’re melting, the brown just runs off them. RV Curtains-Washing
  3. Rinse curtain and let drip from the shower rod and go get the next one out of the van.  I might add that I was congratulating myself at this point on how easy this was. Anyone could do this!
  4. Put curtain #2  in the tub and do the soak, soap and swish.
  5. Take #1 outside to see where I might hang it…  didn’t really find a place but, wait! Uh-oh!  What’s that! No!  Stains! I took a look at #2 and they both went plop plop back in the tub. My dogs were not even interested in the tub now.
  6. Add a ton more All Fresh and & Sensitive, Soilove and this time Dish Soap.
  7. Scrub the icky poo with nails and fingers.
  8. I left both curtains on the bottom of the tub sitting in soap to sit there and think about life.RV Curtains- 2ndWash
  9. After about 20 min, wondering why my hands were so so dry, I turned the shower on; then swish, rub  and rub and make like a mock washing machine agitation motion but not too hard.
  10. There was now a ton of suds so rinsing had to be done in stages. The plumbing is very old here and the drain is slow.
  11. Eventually I got the soap out. By this time the sun has set.  I started late because I’d waited until 4 pm when I could move my RV back in front of my house due to (irrational) parking requirements in my neighborhood..
  12. I hung them on big towels over the curtain bars in the shower.
  13. I will look at them later…   at least I can still see pleats….

Next Up…..  attaching the lining!

I’ve been diligently pursuing a motorhome upgrade…  i.e. somewhat newer, tad bigger Class B.  It’s not gone well, my eyes starting dropping white streaks, my shoulders curved inward towards the monitor like long ago when I lived in a cubical maze of head tops and clocks from spending too much time on the computer.  Hmmm…..

I cannot believe the price flurry. When did Class B RVs get to be $135,000, $175,000 and more for a non custom rig.  Even with the 20% – 25% off list, it’s insane.

Price craze has caused used Class B’s to become more expensive than what used to the price for a new one!  Am having trouble imagining such a drain on my bank account. Tack on dealer fees, inspection, taxes, registration, shipment and whatever upgrades and changes I’d want…..  oh my.

Every time I find something (maybe) affordable it’s located on the other side of the country. I find I’m really not that brave or I just don’t know for sure what I want.

The clincher is many newer models I’m seeing lack storage that I currently enjoy even with a stretching of length to 24.5 to 26 feet.  I want a Class B is because it’s L I T T L E!  I like the Promasters at 21 feet but the models I’ve seen have too much stuff crammed inside them; nevertheless I do like them and may get one someday. There are small Sprinters, 20 to 23 feet and older Ford and Chevy’s but cost is killer or lack of storage and interior light.

Claustrophobic doesn’t work for me. I require lots of windows and doors. I did see a 2007 Great West Classic Titan for sale (on the other side of the country) that I loved but it was sold before I could even think about how far away it was.

I love that I can sleep in the back width-wise in my current B, with windows all around and a back door that opens onto a beautiful river or….  what-have-you (it could use screens).  I love the open shelf that runs along the inside, the cabinets that have no barriers in-between so I can put long things in there and the fact that other than the pathetic bathroom there is room for everything I need.

So I’ve temporarily given up my search my for next RV….  It will come. There are many new Class B’s coming. Hopefully at some point the prices will level out or I’ll get that winning Lottery ticket.

So…..  I’m revving up my little LT for Spring Travel; maybe I’ll even give her a real name, she deserves one.  any ideas?

Here’s my list:

  1. Have brakes checked…  do I really need a brake job? If yes then find a shop that can do it right the first time.
  2. Tires!  Sure there is tread remaining on the Toyos, but I hate them. I plan to buy 4 beautiful Michelin LTX M/S2 (LT225 / 75R16)  from Costco at $689.96.  I understand they go on sale from time to time.
  3. Am considering replacing the Monroes with Bilstein shocks…. undecided.
  4. Get the back window fixed.
  5. Apply thermal insulation to the undercarriage to stop the exhaust heat from soaking into the cab…  this video sent to me by a friend explains the problem perfectly..  and the solution:  Fix the Hot Floor Problem in Your Gas RV
  6. Bluetooth radio to stream my Note 4 Android Cell Phone instead of the maze of wires I currently have.
  7. Line front curtains with Fairfield Solarize Liner Fabric; clean curtains first!
  8. Craft hanging system for reflectix or more Solarize for other windows.
  9. Install a small 12 volt fan on the wall in the front by the wing windows.
  10. See if I can find a longer sewer hose that can be compressed to fit in tube and be able to reach its target without needing an extension.
  11. Touch up interior paint.
  12. Inspect all screws / bolts. . .tighten as needed
  13. Oil change / trip check.
  14. Service generator….  can I get it to work reliably? If not, (painfully) consider replacing it…  expensive 😦
  15. Awning?  Maybe?? Also expensive.
  16. Electric bike and dog-cart….  maybe? will need a rack if go this route.