Astoria Bridge

Rounding the corner and pulling on.

The last time I was in Washington was with Alan before we moved to Portland for the summer. Our stay was brief, it must have been in the late ’70s.

I certainly don’t remember the AstoriaMegler Bridge…perhaps I crossed it as a child, if so that really doesn’t count.

I’m slowly becoming seasoned at driving my rig. . .crossing this bridge will be remembered as the day I discovered my driver’s wings over the water.

It was sorta teetering. The wind was up, the RV in front lending me confidence.

Astoria Bridge

Can you imagine crossing the Columbia in a dugout canoe!

I enjoyed the town of Astoria…lots of places to eat, a bit Colonial and I’d just come from the Lewis and Clark State Park that Bob had recommended (thank you Bob!) I’d watched a film about the strange “cloth men” and how they struggled with the environment; mapping and cataloging as they spent the long winter waiting for spring. And I heard a well told story of how Lewis was shot in the buttock by their nearsighted and one-eyed French guide. Later on my trip I will visit the North Dakota Badlands and possibly Roosevelt National Park completing their journey in reverse.

Astoria Bridge

Can't hold your breath on this one.

Astoria, OR

Astoria, on the way to the bridge.